Best Pooper Scooper For Grass

In another article, we did reviews on some of the Best Dog Pooper Scooper that is available on Amazon. We received a few emails from our readers, requesting reviews on the Best Pooper Scooper For Grass. We have since referred to our original article, did some reorganizing the information there, and we have a selected a winner for the Best Pooper Scooper For Grass.

Best Pooper Scooper For Grass

There are several factors that we look out for before we suggest the Best Pooper Scooper For Grass. There are several contenders, but we decided against choosing the Pooper Scoopers that scoops up the poop using spring-loaded jaws. The reason is pretty simple: If the grass around your area is tall, you will have a very hard time trying to figure out where the poop is. More often than not, the grass will impede your vision. Hence, though those Pooper Scoopers can still be used, it might not be the best option.

We then narrowed down our choices to Rake Pooper Scooper because the Rake Pooper Scooper allows the user to comb through the entire lawn, even if your lawn hasn’t been mowed for eons. It can sieve out the dog’s waste very easily as you sweep the Pooper Scooper down the lawn.

We have picked the Best Pooper Scooper For Grass, and it is the Dog Pooper Scoopers, Lawn Saver Design by Jibber Gear.

Dog Poop Scoopers, Lawn Saver Design

Pooper Scooper For Grass

There are other rake Pooper Scoopers in the market, but we have chosen this simply because of the design of the Pooper Scooper For Grass. The metal tines are sturdy enough not to squish moist stool, which is a bonus should your dog be suffering from a bout of diarrhea.

This Dog Pooper Scooper for Grass ensures that your work is cut short when you pick up your dog’s waste. It is easy to operate, easy to clean, and it picks up left over waste that you might have missed out because of the grass in the lawn. The simplistic design of this Dog Pooper Scooper is so sturdy and it is made from solid wood. The materials are tested to withstand against the elements, hence it is ok for the owner to leave the Dog Pooper Scooper in the open.

It works awesome on grass, sand, chips and even on asphalt. The long handle is perfect for owners who hate bending down just to sweep up the waste. Other Dog Pooper Scooper for Grass might require the owner to visually spot the waste before they scoop it up. For this model, you just have to know the estimated area where the dog’s poop is, and you can sweep the rake Pooper Scooper over it. This rake can go over the whole grass, grabbing any left over bits of stool that you may have forgotten. This is simply the Best Pooper Scooper For Grass ! 


Pros: Will not squish moist stool. Doesn’t require you to visually spot the poo before you pick them up.
Cons: None.
Our Rating: 4.9 Stars (4.9 / 5)

There are several contenders for the Best Pooper Scooper for grass, and here are some of the alternative choices from Four Paws.

Four Paws Sanitary Dog Pooper Scooper, Rake

Pooper Scooper For GrassThis is also a rake pooper scooper that works well in yards or grassy places. This contender for the best pooper scooper for grass is made entirely out of rust resistant material. The handle is made of rubber, and it is really easy to operate this rake pooper scooper.

This Four Paws Sanitary Dog Pooper Scooper is about 32 inches tall, hence most owners wouldn’t need to bend over and pick up the dog’s poop!


Pros: Rust resistant material.
Cons: Simple design.
Our Rating: 4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)

Four Paws Large Dog Rake Set

Pooper Scooper For Grass

Another rake pooper scooper buy Four Paws, this highly rated pooper scooper for grass works best if your lawn is constantly mowed. The rakes are short but effective in picking up poop that you might have missed out.

This is actually excellent for scooping up your dog’s waste in the yard. The materials used in this pooper scooper is extremely durable, and the base is made of stainless steel, hence it wouldn’t rust at all.

This highly rate rake pooper scooper is in fact one of the best selling pooper scooper on Amazon, and the reasons are pretty simple. It is both affordable yet able to deliver what it promises to do, which is to effectively clean up your yard!


Pros: Effective and durable.
Cons: Rakes are short, hence requires you to have visual of the poo.
Our Rating: 4.8 Stars (4.8 / 5)

Four Paws Grass Wire Rake Dog Scooper

Pooper Scooper For GrassThis is the best selling rake dog scooper by Four Paws on Amazon. It is specially designed for easy pet cleanups in both grassy and sandy areas. The metal prongs are delibrately spaced to allow quick passage through heavily grassed areas.

The handle is made of rubber, hence it is comfortable to operate this dog pooper scooper for grass

This is in fact one of the best contenders for the Best Dog Pooper Scooper for grass. The only reason why we decided against choosing this is because of the wide spacing between the metal prongs. If your dog poop is small, it might not be able to scoop them up.


Pros: Rubber handles.
Cons: Metal prongs are wide, hence will not pick up small pieces of poo.
Our Rating: 4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5)

After reviewing the best pooper scooper for grass, it sets us thinking, what happens after we pick up the poop from the grass? We will have to dispose of it, yeah? There are actually specialized disposal system that helps to remove the waste, and you can find a review of them here.

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