About us

A proud owner of a Shetland-Pomeranian cross breed, I am abhorred by the lack of options when it comes to dog food in my country. I took to the internet and found that the information provided can be pretty gibberish. I love my dog, and I believe you love yours too!

The main objective of this website is to provide reviews and information pertaining to dog essentials. It can be healthy food for dogs, low calorie dog foods, or even to types of pet leashes and what’s good for your dog!

I believe that what is good for my dog, will be good for yours too. The choices of items that we review encompasses both the good and the bad items that we have identified. In time to come, we will implement a rating system, so that our readers can make an informed decision. Afterall, our reviews are subjective.

Why are there Amazon links here?

As part of the Amazon Affiliates Programme, we get a small commission whenever you click the link and purchase the product from Amazon. This is to support ourselves. If you wish to support us and see us grow, you can buy things on amazon using this link.

So your motivation is to generate clicks only?

Wrong. Our motivation is primarily to sieve out the tons of products out there, and do a review about them. If our motivation is money, we could have used other means to obtain them. But no, we are ethical, and hence the recommended products might not necessarily the most expensive one in the market!

Why are there so little reviews?

We are still in the midst of reviewing more products. We believe that we should write comprehensive reviews instead of churning out articles at whim. It takes time to decide which product is good for  my dog and of course yours.

Can we request for a review about a particular item?

Yes you can! As we are still at the infant stage, our services might not be fully up yet. We will keep you informed about our updates in time to come.

How do we contact you?

Drop us an email at [email protected], and we will get back to you shortly!