Help! Green Discharge From Dog Penis

Just about an hour, a close friend of mine gave me a call, and she mentioned that her dog have a green discharge from dog penis. I figured she must have decided that I am an expert in this matter, given that I have written the article Dog Penis Infection, it is honestly not surprising! In any case, let us address the matter of your dog having a green discharge from his penis.

Green Discharge From Dog Penis

green discharge from dog penisIn actual fact, the Green Discharge From Dog Penis is actually a very common , safe and normal occurrence amongst male dogs who are not neutered. This green discharge from dog penis is called called Smegma. Do not worry if the green discharge from your dog’s penis is much more than others. In fact, the green discharge is coming from the dog’s sheath and not the penis itself.

Indeed, the green discharge is made up of cells and lubricant fluid. You might wonder why are they present on the dog’s sheath, in the prepuce that surrounds the penis? This lubricant fluid is certainly needed to unsheathe the dog’s penis when he wants to pee. In this sense, this lubricant is an absolute necessity.

Indeed, the green discharge from dog penis is usually thought to be a sign of a disease due to its pungent smell. Also, it does leave a noticeable stain where the dog has lain. All of these points to the layman that the dog is suffering from a dog penis infection, when the dog is actually very healthy indeed.


What Should I Be Concerned With Then?

You should not be concerned by the green discharge from dog penis. Rather, you should be worried if there are other materials coming from the dog penis. In for example, if you notice blood in the area, then it will surely be a cause for concern!



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