Great Pyrenees German Shepherd Mix

All About Great Pyrenees German Shepherd Mix

Crossbreeds are all the rage recently. And one particular crossbreed is gaining traction, though still pretty much obscure. The Great Pyrenees German Shepherd mix is truly a sight to behold! Given that both the Great Pyrenees and the German Shepherd are pretty large, you can safely expect the Great Pyrenees German Shepherd Mix to be equally big in size too.

Great Pyrenees German Shepherd Mix

Great Pyrenees German Shepherd MixBefore we get started, you will almost not find a Great Pyrenees German Shepherd Mix in the wild. These crossbreeds are bred through breeders. If you wish to own one, we suggest you look for your local dog rescue to check if there is one that is being put up for adoption. Should you decide that you want to have a new puppy instead of adopting, please look for trusted breeders who clearly know what they are doing.

Whichever you choose, you are in for a treat! The Great Pyrenees German Shepherd mix will actually bring out the best in both breeds. Of course, this is completely subjective, depending on the upbringing education that the dog receives. Here are some of the more common characteristics of the Great Pyrenees German Shepherd mix.

Character Traits Of The Great Pyrenees German Shepherd Mix

Great Pyrenees German Shepherd MixThe Great Pyrenees and German Shepherd are both intelligent and brave dogs. Hence, you can really expect that the Great Pyrenees German Shepherd mix will be intelligent and brave. This is indeed true. The mix breed also takes on the German Shepherd’s confident deposition, which is a trait that is commonly sought after should you want a dog that is able to double up as a guard dog too.

The Great Pyrenees German Shepherd mix is also commonly associated with a strong-willed dog too. Hence, it might not be that easy to train them. Having said that, with the proper tools and training process, nothing is too difficult.

Great Pyrenees German Shepherd MixOk, talking about the dog being a good fit as a guard dog, this is because of their strong instinct skills. This must come from the German Shepherd. With a high level of instinct, they are able to determine when danger is imminent, which is completely desirable for guard dogs. It can also double up as a working dog too.

When it comes to exercising, some breeders will claim that you need to decide if more of the dog’s genes come from the Great Pyrenees or the German Shepherd. Our take is that the Great Pyrenees German Shepherd mix will require a number of exercises, given its large size. Do ensure that you burn enough of their calories to keep them fit and healthy.

Last but not least, in terms of their suitability to live in the cold or warm conditions, do note that they have a pretty thick and fluffy coat. As as such, they are pretty suited to stay in cold conditions without the need of any dog house or crate.

Health Issues

The good thing is that the Great Pyrenees German Shepherd mix is that they do not have much health problems as compared to some of the other mixed breeds. Having said that, given its large size, you can be wary of your dog having the hip or elbow dysplasia problems.

Grooming of The Great Pyrenees German Shepherd Mix

They do have a long and thick coat. As such, grooming of the coat will not be an easy task. We recommend to use the Dog Clippers For Great Pyrenees to groom your dog.

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