Outdoor Dog House Air Conditioner and Heater Combo Review

In a previous article, we mentioned about the Best Heater For Dog House Review. In that article, we did say that the Best Heater For Dog House is the Outdoor Dog House Air Conditioner and Heater Combo. Indeed, I do know of some of my friends who own that device itself. But how good is it exactly? Let us find out by doing a Outdoor Dog House Air Conditioner and Heater Combo review.

Outdoor Dog House Air Conditioner and Heater Combo Review

Outdoor Dog House Air Conditioner and Heater Combo Review

First of all, this is the only system that have both Air Conditioning as well as Heater at the same time. This actually mean that you can use this ClimateRight CR2500ACH during Winter as well as during the hotter days of the year. You wouldn’t need to purchase a separate unit for this at all! We will be doing the Outdoor Dog House Air Conditioner and Heater Combo Review in the various sub categories below.


First of all, it will be good to do the ClimateRight CR2500ACH review based on how safe it is. Essentially, you will not find another Heater for Dog house that is as safe as this. The main reason why we deem this ClimateRight CR2500ACH as safe is because the entire unit is situated outside of the dog house itself. Hence, there is no wires for your dog to chew on inside the house. In fact, the materials of the housing of the ClimateRight CR2500ACH is resistant to the elements. Hence, the ClimateRight CR2500ACH can be placed outside of the dog house without fearing that rain or heat will affect it.

Also, when the ClimateRight CR2500ACH is placed outside, the heating or cooling element will not be able to affect the dog at all. For other conventional heaters or cooling units, the heating/cooling element is placed inside the dog house itself. This can be dangerous at the dog might be burned or hurt by the internal units. But for the ClimateRight CR2500AC, it is placed outside, hence your dog is completely protected against such danger.

Dog House Size

While some of the Heater For Dog House caters for smaller dog house, the ClimateRight CR2500AC can be used in Dog Houses up to 55 square feet! This is actually good, as you can safely go ahead and purchase large dog houses for your dog.

Heating function

The primary function of this ClimateRight CR2500AC is to heat up the dog house during the colder days of the year. It does have a heating BTU of 2800. This is really awesome, as it means that it has adequate power to heat up the dog house fast enough. This in comparison with other heaters with a lower BTU. When the BTU is low, your dog will not enjoy the benefits of having a warm house during Winter. Also, with a heating watt of 900W, this is simply the best outdoor heater for your dog.

Cooling Function

As mentioned previously, this ClimateRight CR2500AC does have the cooling function too. With a cooling BTU of 2500 and a cooling watts of 480W, you can be assured that the dog house will be kept cool during the hotter days of the year!


One of its standout feature is that it is able to dehumidify the entire dog house itself. With a lower humidity, allergens must as dust mites, mold and mildew will not be able to survive well. Also, when the air is more humid inside the dog house, it means that the  ClimateRight CR2500AC have to cool the air faster and remove the excess moisture. This will result in a higher level of energy consumption. Hence, it will always be good if you can dehumidify the dog house.



This is a standard feature for most heater for dog house. This particular thermostat allows the system to regulate the temperature inside the dog house itself.

Control Panel

This ClimateRight CR2500AC have a control panel that allows you to use this heater more effectively than others. In for example, it does show the temperature of the dog house via its Digital Temperature Display. This is something that is lacking in all other Heaters. Also, there is the IR remote control sensor. Again, this functionality is unique to the ClimateRight CR2500AC.

Remote Control

Last but not least, there is the remote control. There isn’t many other heaters for dog house that can be operated via a remote control. With this remote control, you can set the temperature as well as adjust the fan speed of the heater/Air-conditioner. There is also the Auto on/off timer, as well as the sleep function.


When doing the ClimateRight CR2500AC review, we do realize that there will never be another heater that have the same functionality as the Outdoor Dog House Air Conditioner and Heater Combo by Climate Right. In fact, this awesome Air Conditioner and Heater Combo is a top favorite amongst my peers. If you really want to have the ultimate system for heating and cooling your dog house, then I strongly urge you to purchase this. 



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