Wooden Dog House Reviews

Top 5 Wooden Dog House Reviews

After looking at The Underground Dog House Reviews, it really got us interested in reviewing the best wooden dog house that you can find on Amazon. Why specifically wooden dog house and not plastic or metal dog houses? Granted, there exist really nice dog houses such as the impact Impact Case Collapsible Dog Crate. While these dog crates can be helpful in preventing damage from impact, they might not appear as classy as wooden dog houses. There are indeed plenty of high-quality wooden dog house in Amazon. Let us review the top 5 dog house that you can find in Amazon.

Top 5 Wooden Dog House Reviews

Wooden dog houses are chosen these days as the quality of the houses ensures that a majority of the wooden dog houses are completely insulated. The material is often, and mostly, durable against the weather as well as being sturdy enough to withstand knocks from the dogs. There are indeed several more conditions that you will need to pay attention to. We shall unravel the conditions as we go deeper into the top XX wooden dog house reviews.

Precision Pet Extreme Log Cabin

Wooden Dog house ReviewsWhen looking at high-quality wooden dog house, the Precision Pet Extreme Log Cabin will instantly come to my mind. This is mainly due to many of our peers owning this beautifully designed wooden dog house that never fails to impress us whenever we see them.

Made completely out of solid fir wood, the workmanship of the outdoor wooden dog kennel is significantly intricate, and it does rival most of its counterparts. The wood is treated, such that it is able to repel the elements. This means that the dog house itself is waterproof and corrosion resistant. The entry point into the dog house is deliberately kept off center. There is much debate going on about this design, and the essence of it is that dog houses with an off-center door tend to have a better ventilation. This means that while the dog is insulated against the elements, there is still positive ventilation going around, hence being able to keep your dog cool during warm weather. The solid wood material is able to block off heat too. Of course, by having an off-center door, it means that your dog would have enough space to shift itself while it is in the dog house.

Afraid of keeping your dog in the wooden dog house during winter? No fret, as you can always find ways to heat up the dog house. You can always purchase the Best Heater For Dog House too.

The entire dog house is lifted off the ground via the waterproof plastic feet. This ensures that rain will not splatter into the house itself during a rainy day. Fortunately or unfortunately, there is some minor assembly that is required before the house can be utilized. All you need is just a screwdriver actually.


Pros: Weatherproof. Good ventilation. Very attractive design.
Cons: Not meant for heavy dogs. Minor assembly required.
Our Rating: (4.9 / 5) [Editor’s Choice]

Petsfit Wooden Dog House

Wooden Dog House Reviews

This Petsfit Wooden Dog House is another highly rated wooden dog house that is quite popular on Amazon. Indeed, it ranks amongst the top 5 for wooden dog houses.

In terms of material, it is made from cedar wood, which is essentially resistant to rot as well as to corrosion and the weather. This means that you can put the dog house in the open without fearing that it will fall to the weather. However, do note that this material is extremely useful in keeping your dog warm. It will not be good if you want to use during summer. As such, we will highly recommend you to move this dog house indoors during summer, and outdoors during the rest of the seasons.

One of the top reasons why this dog house is extremely useful during cold weather is because of the thick panel walls. While there is good ventilation, it might not be extremely suited during winter too. But that is easily solved as you can purchase additional Heated Dog Bed or heat pads for usage in the house itself. To have easy access to your dog, the entire roof could be opened from the outside. This can help to encourage more airflow into the dog house too.

The construction itself is sturdy and durable. However, if your dog is a strong chewer or destructive, then perhaps we will not encourage you to purchase this dog house. The dog house is also lifted off the ground to prevent rainwater from seeping or splashing in. Note that some minor assembly will be required when you purchase this dog house. Do not let that daunt you, as it is still relatively easy to assemble the entire dog house.

This dog house comes in 4 different colors and 4 different sizes for you to choose from. We generally encourage you to purchase this wooden dog house for smaller dogs.


Pros: Weatherproof. Good ventilation. Roof can be opened.
Cons: Not meant for summer. Minor assembly required.
Our Rating: (4.8 / 5)

Precision Pet Products Extreme Outback Country Lodge Dog House

Wooden Dog House Reviews

When you are looking for a spacious kennel that has a large entrance, then the Precision Pet Products Extreme Outback Country Lodge Dog House will be a good choice. The entrance of this dog house allows dogs of all shapes and sizes to pass through it. No more squeezing through narrow doors!

Made from solid Fir wood, it is the same material that is used for the Precision Pet Extreme Log Cabin. Hence, you can expect the same few qualities that come with this dog house. It is completely waterproof and corrosion resistant. This means that rain will not be able to penetrate the roof at all. What’s more, the roof is slanted, hence rainwater simply falls off from the side. This prevents the accumulation of water at the top of the roof. We like this feature because some dog houses collapse when the rainwater is overly accumulated. The slanted roof also gives it a very nice cozy cottage look. This in conjunction with the walnut color stain on the wood itself.

In addition to the waterproof material, the entire wooden floor is raised off the ground too. This prevents water from splashing into the house, hence keeping the interior dry at all times. While the large entrance ensures that there is awesome ventilation into this wooden dog house cottage, it might not be good in the sense that the dog might feel cold when during the colder seasons of the year. As such, we recommend this dog house to be used during summer. If you intend to use it during winter, you would need to add a heating pad to the house.

For the assembly of this dog house, it requires you to assemble it in just 4 easy steps.


Pros: Weatherproof. Good ventilation. Roof is slanted. Best design!
Cons: Not meant for summer. Minor assembly required.
Our Rating: (4.9 / 5) [Best Design]

Pet Squeak Arf Frame Dog House

Wooden Dog House ReviewsThe design of this Pet Squeak Arf Frame Dog House is similar to that of the Precision Pet Products Extreme Outback Country Lodge Dog House. Hence, one may expect the same features and functionality.

Indeed, most of the features are the same. The Pet Squeak Arf Frame Dog House is also raised off the ground to prevent water from splashing in. They also have the slanted roof to allow water to run off easily. Last but not least, another common feature that both wooden dog houses have is the large entrance, which allows dogs to shift its position easily while inside the dog house itself.

What sets it apart is perhaps the material that is being used. For this dog house, Cunninghamia Lanceolata is being utilized. Cunninghamia Lanceolata is commonly known as white cedar, and it is well known to be extremely resistant towards smells, pest and as well as to the elements. Since you will be utilizing this dog house in the outdoors, these features are extremely pleasing to the ear.

As for aesthetics, it might not look as nice as the previous few wooden dog houses, but nonetheless it still carries a superior outlook. Minor assembly will be needed when you purchase this dog house itself.

This wooden dog house comes in four different sizes for you to choose from.


Pros: Weatherproof. Good ventilation. Roof is slanted. Resistant to pests.
Cons: Minor assembly required.
Our Rating: (4.8 / 5)

Indoor Dog House Wooden With Door For Small Dog Color

Wooden Dog House ReviewsIf you are looking for an indoor wooden dog house, then perhaps the Indoor Dog House Wooden With Door For Small Dog will be a good choice. It can certainly complement the decor of your house too.

Made completely from kiln-dried cedar and treated with natural color stain, the aesthetics of this indoor wooden dog house is simple. Being an indoor dog house, you wouldn’t need to fear rainwater splashing in. Nonetheless, this indoor dog house for small dogs is completely waterproof too. However, the material doesn’t really allow aggressive dogs from using this house. 

This dog house can be treated like a furniture too. You can place not heavy decorative items on top of the crate. There is also a gate, with a lock, that allows you to keep the dog enclosed in it when necessary.

Do note that this dog house is meant for small dogs only.


Pros: Weatherproof. Suitable for indoor.
Cons: Only for small dogs. Requires assembly.
Our Rating: (4.6 / 5)


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