Best Harness For Pugs Reviews

Some of you may wonder why is there a need to write an article on the Best Harness For Pugs. This is because I am pretty appalled by how owners are treating these cute little pets. They are using ill-fitting items on them. I am actually referring to collars. Just so you know, most pugs’ neck are bigger than their head. In this sense, the collars might slip off the dog, defeating its original purpose. I wonder why didn’t the owners thought of getting a harness for the pug.

Best Harness For Pugs Reviews

There in fact some awesome Harness For Pugs around in the market, and we are going to narrow down into the top contenders for the Best Harness For Pugs.

LupinePet Basics 1″ Red 24-38″ Step In Harness 

Best Harness For Pugs

If you search around the forums for the Best Harness For Pugs, the LupinePet Basics 1″ Red 24-38″ Step In Harness is the top recommended harness for pugs.

This Best Harness For Pugs by All Lupine is designed and developed in Conway. The 1″ circumference fits medium and large dogs, hence making it optimal for your Pug.

As for the material, it is made from woven nylon. This means that it cannot be chewed through that easily too. In addition, it has strong bar-tack stitching, which helps to ensure the overall durability of the harness. It has welded D-rings and an exclusive side-release buckle. This allows you to release the harness easily!

For washing of this Best Harness For Pugs, you can simply put it into the washing machine to wash it. Do remember not to use bleach or any bleach alternatives as it will destroy the material.

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Pros: Cannot be chewed through easily. Easy to wash.
Cons: Non that we can think of.
Our Rating: 4.7 Stars (4.8 / 5)

Authentic Puppia RiteFit Harness with Adjustable Neck

Best Harness For PugsThis Authentic Puppia RiteFit Harness with Adjustable Neck is also very popular in Pugs forums.

The Puppia Ritefit Harness is said to be one of the best selling harness for the company. It is easy to don this awesome harness onto your pug, as it has two quick release buckles around the neck and loop and hook straps. This means that you are able to adjust the entire harness to suit your pug’s body size.

As for the material, it is made out of 100% Polyester Air Mesh. The Air Mesh ensures that is breathable for your pug. Also, the material is super light in weight, hence your pug will hardly feel that she is donning this harness. Your pug will surely feel comfortable when they don this Best Harness For Pugs.

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Pros: Quick release system. Air Mesh material.
Cons: Not really resistant to chews.
Our Rating: 4.4 Stars (4.4 / 5)

Petsafe Deluxe Easy Walk Harness

Best Harness For Pugs

Again, after looking through the forums, this Petsafe Deluxe Easy Walk Harness does appear to be a natural choice that most pugs owners will have.

One of the reasons why we chose this, apart from the good fit, is that this Best Harness For Pugs discourages your pug from pulling away while on a leash. And it does so in a non-violent way, hence your Pug will not suffer from any injury.

At the front of the harness, there is a front-chest leash attachment. This attachment allows you to steer your dog while you walk them on a leash. Also, the chest strap rests on your dog’s chest, rather than the conventional harness, whereby they rest on the throat. As for the material, is it made of nylon with padded neoprene lined straps.

In addition to that, it is extremely comfortable for your pug to don this awesome Best Harness for pugs, as there is an additional padding that acts as a buffer between the pug’s skin and the harness itself.

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Pros: Mechanism discourages Pug from pulling away. Padding on harness.
Cons: Not very good looking.
Our Rating: 4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)

How To Choose The Best Harness For Pugs

When you bring your pug out on a walk with a harness, you have to first ensure that there is a leash attached to the harness. One of the reasons why I choose a harness instead of a collar for pugs is because thae harness allows the force to be distributed across to the dog’s shoulders, back and chest.

As for a collar, they usually focus the pressure around the dog’s neck! Also when you choose the right harness, you will have better control over the dog.

In the steps below, we are going to discuss on how to choose the Best Harness For Pugs.


When it comes to comfort, you will need to be a little wary. This is because certain materials might cause abrasion to the dog. As for the fitting, you will need to ensure that the width of the straps should be at 1/2 inch for puppies, and 2/3 to 1 inch for adult pugs. This is to avoid having a thin strap. Thin straps is a potential hazard, as it can cause extreme discomfort to your pug.


For material, we generally recommend nylon. This is because nylon is extremely sturdy, as well as being able to resist odor. In addition, it is extremely resistant to the weather too.


As stated earlier, usually the pug’s neck is larger than the head. Hence, it won’t be easy to find a good harness that allows a good fit. The Best Harness For Pugs must be able to have quick release systems. This will ensure that the wearing and taking off of the harness is easy for you and the Pug.

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