Are Ice Cubes Bad For Dogs?

Are ice cubes bad for dogs? If this question have been boggling you for years, then you have come to the correct place. In this article, we will provide to you the ultimate resource regarding the question are ice cubes bad for dogs.

Are Ice Cubes Bad For Dogs?

are ice cubes bad for dogsTo be honest, this is a question that have been asked by myself and my peers. I do recall occasions where my dog will lick the ice cube while I am holding it for her. Not that she love to chew it, rather I suppose she love to lick the cool icy water off the ice cube itself. While we might think that the ice cubes and hence the icy water should be safe for the dog, we will really need to dig a little deeper to answer the question are ice cubes bad for dogs?

Ice Is Solid Water

To start off, scientifically, ice is just a solid form of water. They are made from exactly the same two elements that is required to sustain all life on Earth. The main difference is that the ice cubes are usually much more colder than the regular water supply that your dog will drink from. So, in terms of chemical structure, ice cubes is definitely safe for dogs.

Cold Water Vs Regular Water

Are ice cubes bad for dogs? To answer this question, at least for this section, the real question that you might want to ask is that is cold water bad for dogs. The straight answer here is no. Both ice cubes and hence ice water is not harmful to dogs. Indeed, some vets do let dogs lick the cubes after an anesthetic procedure. While the exact benefits of this is unclear, what we know is that since vets do allow the dogs to lick the ice cubes, then cold water or icy water is indeed safe for dogs!

Common Myths

Now that we established that there is no difference between Ice Cubes and water, then why are still people asking are ice cubes bad for dogs? When I probed further, I realized that many people are asking are ice cubes bad for dogs due to an isolated incident involving ice cubes. In light of this, let me debunk the myth that ice cubes are bad for dogs.

Myth 1: Ice Causes Bloat

If you read the article Dangers of Bloat in Large Dogs, you would have read that there is no link between ice, or drinking cold water, and having bloat. In fact, the most common known factor of causing bloat is actually rapid eating. None of the factors mentioned that ice cubes will cause bloat. However, if your dog is overly excited about drinking ice cold water, they might gulp down the water, together with large quantities of air. This itself will cause bloat, and is pretty dangerous. So, it is not ice that causes bloat, but the speed of consumption is the main cause of it.

Myth 2: Treat Heatstroke In Your Dog By Giving The Tons Of Ice

This is again a huge misconception. Many owners think that the best way to treat heatstroke in the dog is to administer tons of ice to the dog itself. This is dangerous. For the untrained, if you load your dog with too much ice when they are suffering from a heatstroke, you may be damaging their organs. This is because the ice water will close the capillaries of your dog skin. When this happens, the body cannot lose heat naturally, and hence the internal organs cannot cool down the natural way.

The only way for the untrained owner, when the dog suffers from a heatstroke, is to send the dog to the vet immediately. Any cause of delay may bring damages to your dog.


You should by now know the answer to the question are ice cubes bad for dogs. When given in moderation, it can actually be good for your dog. Just note that you should never attempt to treat heatstroke by yourself.

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