How Long Can A Puppy Go Without Water

How Long Can A Puppy Go Without Water

If you own a puppy, sometimes you might be wondering if your pup is drinking enough water. A good indication will be the color of the pee. If the pee is more towards the yellow side than the clear side, then it is a clear (mind the pun) indication that they are not taking in enough water. Here comes the question then: How long can a puppy go without water? Let’s find out!

How Long Can A Puppy Go Without Water

How Long Can A Puppy Go Without WaterActually, there haven’t been any clear cut studies regarding this. Some puppies are trained to take in water often by inhumane owners who put salt on the dog’s tongue. This will literally force them to drink water. However, this is frowned upon. It is inhumane, and it doesn’t do too well for the dog’s internal system.

Some puppies are so well trained, that they do not take in water during the night. While some owners might squirm at this, it is actually perfectly normal that your dog does not take in water at night. I have heard of owners whose puppies sleep almost the entire day without drinking water. While of course, we do not recommend that you starve the puppy of water, you shouldn’t be too worried that they are not drinking much.

This goes the same if you leave your dog alone for long hours when you leave home for work. There might be periods of time where the puppy would be left alone. Sometimes, the pups will only drink water when there is a human presence. Should you be stressed by this? Actually not. It is perfectly alright if your dog is left alone at home. Just ensure that the water bottle or water bowl is filled up. Even if they do not drink till you are home, it will not endanger them at all. Should you be more worried, there exist items that allow you to monitor your dog. There is the PetChatz HD Greet & Treat Videophone that allows you to control the feeding of your dog over an Internet connection. This proves to be a good alternative should you be busy at work.

How To Make My Puppy Drink Water?

One of the best ways is actually to substitute water with milk. There are plentiful of milk that is suitable for dogs, and you can always purchase a tin to try it on your dog.

Alternatively, you could purchase the Heyrex Torus Water Bowl For Dogs. The water bowl is a good innovation, and it helps to keep the water clean and cool for your dogs. This has proven to be a good solution amongst some of my friends whose dogs are not drinking too much water.

You can also train the puppy to take in water after giving them food. This can be done by what we call conditioning training. Condition the dog to behave in a positive manner by reinforcing each time a cue is present.

As mentioned earlier, if your dog can only drink water with a human presence, and if you need to work, then you can use interactive equipment to command or instruct your dog to drink. There are various devices that allows you to communicate with your dog via the Internet. One of them is the Petcube Interactive Wi-Fi Pet Camera Review. While it does not really allow you to dispense water immediately, you can use the product to instruct your puppy to drink!

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