Shock Collar For Pitbulls

Best Shock Collar For Pitbulls Reviews

Continuing with our series of reviewing Shock Collars, we will now deviate into finding the Best Shock Collar For Pitbulls. This is actually quite different from our previous few shock collars review, as we have done reviews on Bark Collars for Chihuahua, Beagles and Yorkies.

Best Shock Collar For Pitbulls

If you understand the reasons why we decided to review the Best Shock Collar For Pitbulls, you might appreciate us for writing this article. Pitbulls are generally very aggressive in nature. In fact, some countries have banned the existence of Pitbulls in their country. They are sometimes too dangerous to be left alone, and that is why it will be good for us to control our Pitbulls effectively.

Also, when Pitbulls bark, you will feel as if someone is shouting straight at your face. They are such fierce barkers, that most owners will frown upon that. While they make good guard dogs, there should be times when their barks are totally unnecessary This is where The Best Shock Collars For Pitbulls comes in. Here’s our top recommendation for Shock Collars For Pitbulls.

Petrainer PET998DRB1 Rechargeable and Rainproof 330 yd Remote Dog Training Shock Collar

Best Shock Collar For Pitbulls

This Petrainer PET998DRB1 Rechargeable and Rainproof 330 yd Remote Dog Training Shock Collar is actually perfect if you want to train your Pitbull to stop barking.

It can be used from up to 330 yards away. It uses the RF 434Mhz Technology that ensures that the signal will not clash with similar products. In addition to that, it is rechargeable and water resistant too.

But hey, we have yet to explain why is this a contender for one of the Best Shock Collar For Pitbulls!

As Pitbulls are rather aggressive, having control over the amount of static correction that is administered will be good. In fact, this Shock Collar For Pitbulls have up to 100 levels of static correction and vibration stimulation. This is actually perfect for you, so that you can train the Pitbull to reduce its onset of unnecessary barks.

This Shock Collar For Pitbulls comes in 4 modes. It has static correction, vibration, beep and light. We suggest that you should read up the manual before starting to use this Shock Collar on your Pitbull. This Shock Collar For Pitbulls can be used if your Pitbull weighs from 15 to 100 pounds. Also, the neck size is limited to 14 to 23 inches.


Pros: Can be used up to 330 yards away. 100 levels of static and vibration levels.
Cons: Light mode is not useful.
Our Rating: (4.9 / 5)

PetSafe Deluxe Big Dog Bark Control Collar

Best Shock Collar For Pitbulls

Really, how can we not recommend the PetSafe Deluxe Big Dog Bark Control Collar as one of the Best Shock Collar For Pitbulls.

To start off, the PetSafe Deluxe Big Dog Bark Control Collar is able to help or prevent your Pitbull from barking for no reason at all. All is does is send a small static correction to your Pitbull when it barks. Simple! It has 10 adjustable levels of static stimulation that can prevent your Pitbull from barking.

When your Pitbull is barking aggressively, the PetSafe Deluxe Big Dog Bark Control Collar detects it via the sensor that is in the device itself. It can accurately differentiate your dog’s bark against other barks. This is done by the sensors, which is placed near the Pitbull’s throat. It uses both vibration and sound that is generated by the vocal cords to determine if the bark warrants a small shock or not.

If it determine’s that the bark is coming from your Pitbull, it will deliver a very small adjustable static correction to your Pitbull. The static correction is completely harmless! All it does is to irritate your dog. Your Pitbull will soon associate the shock with barking, and gradually there will be less barks occurring.

This Best Shock Collar For Pitbulls has 10 adjustable levels of static stimulation. The Shock Collar will administer the low level shocks on the onset of the bark. When the barking continues, so will the level of static correction. It will increase until the barking stops. If the barking continues for more than 80 seconds, the Shock Collar For Pitbulls will stop immediately. This is a safety measure to prevent your Pitbull from being shocked continuously.


Pros: 10 levels of static stimulation. Safety feature.
Cons:Uses its own proprietary battery.
Our Rating: (4.8 / 5)

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