Is A Basenji Right For Me

Is A Basenji Right For Me

More often than not, I have people asking me “is a Basenji right for me”. If you ever wondered about this, then you have indeed come to the best informative site about whether the Basenji is suitable for you or not. Truth to be told. I have never come across this breed till my acquaintance asked me about the question above. I got further intrigued when I realized that there is quite a number of people who are inquiring about this.

What Is A BasenJi Breed

Is A Basenji Right For MeBasenji dogs are predominately bred as a hunting dog. They are considered to be closely related to hounds, and they are known to be active and athletic. With their short coats, the Basenji are sometimes thought of as Corgis with loner legs!

Basenjis are known to be alert, curious as well as loyal to their owner. They tend to regard a single human as its owner rather than a collective group. Often curious, they are very inquisitive and respond really fast when it comes to sudden sounds. Having said that, Basenji only interacts with humans and dogs. They can be aggressive towards other pets.

They are known to be strong, and some of the Basenjis are able to stand on its hind legs. This gives them the leverage of climbing fences and objects.

Last but not least, the average life span of the Basenjis is at 14 years. They are known to be hypoallergenic, and they do not require extensive grooming.

Is A Basenji Right For Me

Now that we know the Basenji’s characteristics, is the Basenji right for you then? It all depends on your capabilities as well as the infrastructure that you have.

First of all, Basenjis are good with humans but not so with other pets that are not dogs. In that sense, if you have other pets in the house, then we will not encourage you to have a Basenji. Also, since they are considered to be active dogs, do provide them with the daily dose of exercise. If you cannot fulfill that, then we wouldn’t recommend you to have a Basenji.

Since the Basenji does climb over gates, do ensure that your gates are way higher than the dog’s height itself. This will prevent your Basenji from standing on its hind legs and eventually climbing over the gate.


If you satisfy the above conditions, then why not, just get a Basenji!

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