Help! My Dog Keeps Pacing And Won't Lay Down

Help! My Dog Keeps Pacing And Won’t Lay Down

In recent days, my dog keeps pacing and won’t lay down. This is frustrating, at times, especially when I am about to fall asleep. Imagine the dog trotting in and out of the room, making those tattering noises on the floor! If you are having a concrete floor, then maybe the noise is not significant. But if you have a parquet flooring, then you will know my pain.

Reasons Why Dog Keeps Pacing Around

Help! My Dog Keeps Pacing And Won't Lay DownActually, I think I know why my dog loves to pace around, especially when I am sleeping. You see, the dog will usually sleep beside me on her bed. And whenever I snore, the dog must have been scared stiff by the sudden noise, and she decides to walk away. She only returns when the snoring stops.

Not quite.

There are actually many legitimate reasons at which why the dog keeps pacing and won’t lay down. Let us examine some of the common reasons.

Health Issues

Of course, this is the most common assumption. Somewhat true, if the dog is suffering from some health issues, then the dog might pace around, probably wanting to get some of your attention. Some of the potential health issues might be:

  • Liver Diseases
  • Cushing Disease
  • Dementia
  • Brain Tumor
  • Physically injuries

If you noticed, the first four reasons are more towards internal problems that might not be easily detected by the layman. But nonetheless, these are real dangers that you should keep a lookout for.

While other sites might describe to you some of the conditions, we suggest you bring your dog to the vet immediately should you think that the dog is suffering from any of the above problems.

Psychological Issues

If your dog is pacing around a lot, then there might be psychological issues that are bothering your dog. Some of it may include being in a foreign environment, having a sudden loss of companionship or even the replacement of their favorite toys.

Sometimes, sudden noises can even cause these issues in timid dogs.

To solve this, all you got to do is to ensure that you have a comfortable bedding for your dog as well as having a dog crate to go along with it. Dog crates are excellent as they serve to provide the dog with a safe haven to rest in.

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