Weimaraner Training Guide

Read This First: Weimaraner Training Guide

Congratulations! You have your first Weimaraner. Whether it is a puppy or an adult dog, the next proper step is to train them. Training the dog is one of the most important steps when you wish to raise an obedient dog. It is clearly proven that well-trained dogs are the happiest dogs ever.

It is pretty logical. You see, when dogs are well-trained, the owners will tend to afford them more freedom as the dogs do not need that much supervision. The reverse is also true. Weimaraner is notoriously tricky to train, but if you follow our guide closely, you will be able to train them up in no time!

Weimaraner Training Guide

When it comes to training your Weimaraner, there are a few items that I would first purchase. I would get the Best Dog Crates For Weimaraners simply because it will aid us when we wish to train up the Weimaraner.

Of course, Training Collars For Hunting Dogs will be the best tool for training the Weimaraner up, especially if you are intending to train the Weimaraners for hunting.

Of course, if you have a Weimaraner puppy, then the following will be of purpose to you. If not, skip to the next section

Weimaraner Puppy Training Guide

Weimaraner Training GuideWe always love to train Weimaraner puppies as we know the importance of it. Weimaraners are reared as hunting dogs, and hunting dogs always look up to the alpha in the pack. By asserting your authority and hence your dominance, you are showing them that you are indeed the alpha in the pack. And once you show that you are the alpha, the dogs will listen to everything that you train them to do.

There are ways at which you can assert your influence, and that is to discourage any misbehavior when they are young. This is unlike the usual mollycoddle that humans do to their child. On the contrary, any wrong display of attitude needs to be corrected immediately to the puppy.

For example, if the puppy starts to bite you, even if they are just playing, you should always be assertive and shout stop in a stern and assertive tone. This is because if this behavior, however playful the dog might be, isn’t rectified, imagine what would happen when the dog gets older!

Housebreaking The Weimaraner Puppy

Weimaraner Training GuideThe very first thing that you got to do is to potty train the Weimaraner puppy. This is one of the most important steps in getting the dogs to listen and do as you command. For this purpose, we strongly urge you to purchase the Dog Crates For Weimaraners as it is a good tool to housebreak the dog.

One of the tips that you should adhere to is to stop letting your Weimaraner puppy do its potty anywhere in the house. The dog crate is there for a purpose. Train the puppy to relieve itself in a separate area. And when they do, you should always reward them with a treat. This is what we term as positive reinforcement. Only reward the puppy when they did something correct. Do not give the puppy anything when they have done something wrong.

Socializing The Puppy

Many owners neglect this point. I myself am guilty about it, and that is probably why my dog is such a bad social creature. Try to get the puppy to play with other dogs regularly when they are still young. As the saying goes, you can never teach an old dog new tricks!

There are several ways at which you can socialize the puppy. One of the possible methods is to run around different parks in the city. This breaks away from routine, and your dog is forced to adapt itself quickly to all situations, which includes socializing with other dogs.

Remember, timing is everything!

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