best dog clippers for goldendoodles

Best Clippers For Goldendoodles

It has been awhile since we last wrote anything on this website. This is more because of us being very tied up with our work, and hence our slight neglect. Nonetheless, we have been keeping ourselves abreast with things happening around us, and one of them is the emergence of the news that Trump is wanting to adopt a Goldendoodle as the First Pet. What we understand, is that Trump has yet to decide on the First Pet. If he indeed wants to adopt a Goldendoodle, then it might make the Goldendoodle breed a little more well known than it is now. But before anyone adopts the Goldendoodle as a pet, they should really read up on the best clippers for Goldendoodles.

Best Clippers For Goldendoodles

Why the best clipper for Goldendoodles, then? As you may know, the Goldendoodle is a cross between the Golden Retriever and the Poodle. After writing the article Do Goldendoodle Shed, we recommended people to purchase the best Dog Clippers For Poodles , as the breeds can be pretty similar. However, for owners that wishes to have a more specific choice, then perhaps we can make some recommendation to you.

Andis EasyClip Pro-Animal 5-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper Kit

best clippers for goldendoodles

Since the Goldendoodle is a special breed that is not commonly seen, we would need to treat them with special attention. As such, each trim of the dog’s coat should be taken seriously. In that case, then perhaps the Andis EasyClip Pro-Animal 5-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper Kit will be the best dog clippers for Goldendoodle.

When it comes to trimming the Goldendoodle’s coat, you will need to ensure that you are very clear about the type of cut that you would want your Goldendoodle to spot. Regardless of that, when you use the Andis EasyClip Pro-Animal set, you will be bestowed on a very unique equipment that allows you to customize your dog’s look, even when you are not a professional. While this best dog clippers for Goldendoodle is developed for professional dog groomers, the ease of use as well as its numerous features ensures that most people can use this dog clippers easily too. \

Why have we selected this dog grooming clippers to be the best for the Goldendoodle? This is essentially due to the clippers versatility as well as its power in trimming or cutting the Goldendoodle’s hair. Worried that the dog clippers cannot keep up with the dog’s coat? With the powerful rotar motor as well as the variable 5 cutting speeds, you are indeed spoilt of choice. Actually, there are specific tasks for each cutting speed. It is commonly known that the faster speeds is mainly use for a quick shave or a sleek coat finish. The slower speeds is meant for precise grooming, and hence it is mainly for grooming around the sensitive areas of your dog.

Although the speed may be high, the amount of sound generated is surprisingly minimal. This makes it optimal for dogs who are easily scared by the whirling sound made by most other dog clippers that you can find on Amazon. The entire process is so smooth, that most Goldendoodle owners were pretty surprised that their dogs didn’t squirm when the trimming started.

When it comes to maintenance of this dog clippers, you will be extremely elated to know that the blades are actually detachable. With this, it does means that the changing and cleaning of this shaving kit for dogs is so easy. The blades are made of ceramic, which of course allows for a longer longevity of the blades itself. When you translate this to cost, it can mean that this dog clippers for Goldendoodle might be the only one that you will ever need to purchase.

The combination of design as well as engineering capabilities ensures that the whole set of dog clipper will not overheat at all. In addition, to ensure a comfortable and smooth process for you, the housing of the dog clippers is made with a soft-grip and anti-slip material. The ergonomics means that it is so easy for you to trim the Goldendoodle’s coat with extreme ease!


I have never, ever, come across a better dog clipper for Goldendoodle than the Andis EasyClip Pro-Animal 5-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper Kit. The functionality, features, as well as the cutting profile, suits Goldendoodles in all possible manner. While it may be a little on the expensive side, it is totally worth the money as this Andis EasyClip is known to last for a long time. We strongly urge you to purchase this for your beloved Goldendoodle.

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