Best Cage Dryer For Dog Grooming

Best Cage Dryer For Dog Grooming

When it comes to grooming your dog, naturally we will use items such as the clippers for Golden RetrieverGoldendoodlesCockapoosCocker Spaniel and of course the Miniature Schnauzer. And what happens after you groom the dog? We usually bath the dog using shampoos. After this, it will be to use a dryer on the dog. While it is relatively easy if you have just one dog, the problem comes when you have multiple dogs. Or if you are a professional dog groomer, then having the conventional dryer for the dog might not be the best option. This is when you will need the best cage dryer for dog grooming.

Best Cage Dryer For Dog Grooming

Why the specific need for a cage dryer for dog grooming? There is actually a real need for professional dog groomers, or even pet shops, to have a cage dryer. This is important as it really allows the groomer to focus more on the important stuff, like the grooming of the dog, than to take the conventional dryer to blow dry the dog after bathing it. And if you read the article Buying Stackable Dog Crates For Multiple Dogs, you will know that most professional groomers will purchase stackable dog crates for multiple dogs. This is simply a way of scaling up the operations.

This is simply a way of scaling up the operations. By having the stackable dog crates, it means that there can be more dogs in the pipeline for the grooming process, which means more money generated. Also, to ensure that the dogs are returned to their owners in a clean and dry condition after bathing, it will be important to get a cage dryer. As mentioned earlier, it is near impossible to employ multiple employees just to blow dry every single dog that you have. As such, by having the best cage dryer for dog grooming, you are effectively scaling up operations by up to five fold.

So, which is the best cage dryer for dog grooming then? Let’s find out!

Master Equipment FlashDry Stand Pet Dryer

Best Cage Dryer For Dog GroomingOf the best of its kind, the Master Equipment FlashDry Stand Pet Dryer offers one of the best solutions in drying your dog in the cage while you are busy grooming other dogs. It is a standalone pet dryer that works really well in drying your dog.

This best cage dryer for dog grooming has two main controls, which is the adjustable heat and air volume control. This ensures that you can customize how you would want to dry the dog. To blow-dry your dog, the air is channeled through the 36″ flexible hose with two concentrator nozzles and a hands-free nozzle attachment. This allows you to have complete control over the drying process.

If you are worried that it might not reach the upper levels of your dog cages, you will be glad to know that the rolling stand does allow you to adjust the height between 35″ to 60″. This, together with the heat settings on this professional pet dryer, is the reason why professional groomers love to use this dryer. Some of them even dry the grooming towel with this! The velocity of the air, together with the heat, is adequate in drying the dogs in the fastest time possible.


Pros: Powerful. Affordable. Adjustable height. Standing dryer. Variable heat and speed.
Cons: None
Our Rating: (5 / 5) Best Choice For Professional Groomers

BPD-2 Bear Power 4 HP High Velocity Pet Groomer Dryer

Best Cage Dryer For Dog Grooming

When it comes to a professional grade dryer for dog grooming, one of the most versatile models is the BPD-2 Bear Power 4 HP High Velocity Pet Groomer Dryer. It has perhaps the lowest sound generated when the motor is running. This actually helps as the motor sound will not affect the dogs during the drying process.

Weighing only at 14 pounds, it is perhaps the lightest of all of the dryers. What is more astounding is that the amount of airflow that it produces is variable and powerful. And all of these is aided by the two turbine motor that is extremely quiet during operations. Do note that the airflow is completely adjustable with 3 drying options. Just for some specs that this dryer has: 4 HP motor, 115V, 40,000FPM, 210 CFM and 13.2 amps.

It does come with 3 different nozzles for you to customize the type and direction of airflow that you wish to have. Also, you can attach the nozzles to the 10-foot hose which is completely flexible. This allows you to stick the nozzle into the cage to allow drying of the dog that is in the dog cage. Even thick coated dogs will be completely dry in a few minutes.

Last but not least, the filter is completely washable, hence you wouldn’t need to fear that the dog’s hair will get stuck in the motor itself.


Pros: Variable heat and speed. Extremely quiet motor. Very light.
Cons: Hose can be longer.
Our Rating: (4.9 / 5) Quietest Dryer

Best Cage Dryer For Dog GroomingThe K-9 III High Velocity Professional Dog/Pet Grooming Dryer/Blower is another highly rated dog cage dyer that promises to dry your dog within minutes, even for thick coated dogs.

The professional grade high velocity dryer is more powerful than most conventional dryers that you can find in the market. It can be powered by a single motor for delicate drying conditions, or you can opt for the two motor operation which really allows for a speed drying process. Perfect for the time constrained.

While this dryer weighs at 32 pounds, it is still considered light in weight as it really allows you to move this dog dryer with ease. For people who are into specs: Two speeds, 118 CFM, 34,321 – 62,000 FPM, 18.5amps, and 18 gauge steel body. To break it down, it means that the dryer is durable, and it does come with two variable speed that allows you to customize the entire dryer experience based on your, or your dog’s, preference.

For hard to reach areas, or during situations whereby you simply wish to dry the dog in the cage while you are grooming the next dog, there is a 10-foot flexible hose as well as two different blower nozzles. Last but not least, there are two filters that allow you to change the filter for washing purposes. The filter also ensures that no hair will get stuck in the dryer at any point of time.


Pros: Variable heat and speed. Light and portable.
Cons: Hose can be longer.
Our Rating: (4.9 / 5)

Free Paws Dog Pet Dryer Stand With 4 HP 2 Heat Stepless Airflow Grooming Dryer Combo

Best Cage Dryer For Dog GroomingOne of the most well-liked product in the market, the Free Paws Dog Pet Dryer Stand With 4 HP 2 Heat Stepless Airflow Grooming Dryer Combo promises to deliver so much in just a compact dog cage dryer.

The top reason why we are reviewing this product is because of its awesome functionality as well as its feasibility to be moved around without any problem. First of all, the stand is completely adjustable, from a height of 35.5″ to 51.2″. This variable height is awesome as it allows you to dry dogs that are housed in stackable dog cages or dog crates. Secondly, the bracket of the dog cage cryer can be rotated  360°horizontally as well as having an elevation and depression angle of 120°. All of these simply means that you wouldn’t have any trouble reaching into those cages at all. 

In terms of the motor’s capabilities, do note that this is a 4 HP pet dryer, which means it is able to dry your dog quicker than most conventional pet dryers that you can find. To reach into the dog’s cage, you can use the flexible dry hose, which can be extended from 31.5″ to 94.5″. This hose is awesome as it really allows for more customization in terms of room configuration too. The hose can be kept at the sides of the dryer itself. There are 4 different nozzles for you to use, each of it with its own specific use case.


Pros: Variable heat and speed. Standing. Flexible, multi-directional air direction.
Cons: None
Our Rating: (4.9 / 5) Editor’s Choice

What To Look Out For When Choosing Best Cage Dryer For Dog Grooming

So we have looked at the top dryers that you can use for dog grooming. But what was our selection criteria when it comes to the best cage dryer for dog grooming? There are indeed many considerations, and here are some of them.

Variable Speed

Having a variable speed will be one of the considerations. When you have a variable speed, it does allow you to explore many possibilities in terms of drying your dog. Also, by having a slower speed, you can actually get your dog to get accustomed to the sound coming from the machine itself. When your dog gets used to the sound, you can then slowly increase the speed. This way, your dog will not develop an aversion towards the pet dryers.

Heated Air

Usually, it is not recommended to choose dryers that have heated air. This is because generally, the dryers produce air that is already heated due to the work was done by the motor. Nonetheless, it can be good if you have a dryer with a heating element in it. You can actually speed up the process of drying your dog. Just be careful not to hurt your dog in the process of drying.


The true measure of how fast your dog can be dried is actually the CFM, or the Cubic Feet per Minute, of the pet dryer. This is the reason why the high velocity pet dryer is able to dry your dog faster than the conventional dryers.

Standing or Portability

Actually, no standing pet dryer is portable. What I am trying to say, is that you have to choose between a standing hair dryer or the portable air dryer, depending on your needs. For example, if you have stackable dog crates or cages, then perhaps the standing high velocity per dryer will be a better choice. Or if you need to have a better rate of grooming, washing and drying the dog, then the standing pet dryer will be a better choice.

Alternatively, if you intend to operate a mobile pet grooming center with the Portable Dog Grooming Table, then the portable high velocity pet dryer will be a better choice since it offers you much more mobility.


The hose will be equally important, as it is the main tool bringing the air generated from the motor to the nozzle and hence to your dogs. A flexible hose allows you to reach out to areas that is not easily accessible. This is applicable to stackable dog crates only.


The noise generated by the best cage dryer for dog grooming should not generate too much noise, especially if your dog is still pretty young. A quiet pet dryer for dog cages will ensure that the dog will not be traumatized at all.

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