Best Dog Clippers For Yorkies

Best Dog Nail Clippers For Yorkies

Yorkies are one of the most feisty dogs that you will ever see. They can rival the Chihuahua in terms of their barking ability. Of course, to counter that, we have the best bark collars for Yorkies. These bark collars might be useful when you wish to train your Yorkie not to bark at random. So going back to the Yorkie’s temperament, most owners will find it pretty tricky to groom the Yorkie’s nails. In light of that, let us recommend to you the best dog nail clippers for Yorkies.

Best Dog Nail Clippers For Yorkies

As mentioned earlier, it can be tricky trying to groom the Yorkie’s nails. This is especially so if your Yorkie feels anxious during such a session, and they will react badly to it. Usually, we will recommend you to bring the Yorkie to have their nails trim by the professional. However, with the correct tools, your Yorkie will feel completely at ease. Some of the best dog nail grooming tools that we will recommend are the best dog nail clippers for Yorkies. Let us take a look at the top recommendation for your Yorkie.

Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer By Boshel

best dog nail clippers for Yorkies

This Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer By Boshel is the best selling dog clippers on Amazon itself. In fact, this best dog nail clippers for Yorkies is highly recommended in many forums online.

Recommended by many vets, this best dog clippers for Yorkies have been engineered to have an ergonomic design to it. This design allows you to transfer maximum force to the nail clippers, yet at the same time bring totally safe for your dog. This means that you have total control over this tool! This is again reinforced by the non-slip handles that is present on the clippers itself.

To prevent you from cutting into your dog’s Quick. there is the integrated safety stop which acts as a Quick sensor. Which this integrated safety stop inside this best dog clippers for Yorkies, you will never cut into the Yorkie’s Quick at all. As for the professional cut, this clippers will be able to provide an even cut that is achieved mostly by professional dog groomers. The blade is a heavy-duty 3.5-mm stainless steel blade


Pros: Affordable. Safety stop. Sharp blade. Non-slip handle.
Cons: No automatic Quick sensor.
Our Rating (4.9 / 5) Popular Choice.

How To Use The Best Nail Clipper For Yorkies

First of all, do ensure that you are calm. When you are nervous, the Yorkie will be able to sense it from you, and they will be nervous too. Once you are assured that you are calm, get someone to assist you by holding on to the Yorkie. Do note that your assistant should not be gripping onto your Yorkie too tightly. It should be just enough to have a firm grip on the dog, yet at the same time not exerting too much force on them.

Before you go about clipping your Yorkie’s nails, you will need to identify the dog’s Quick. The dog’s Quick is simply the blood vessel, and it is present in a portion of the nails itself. If you accidentaly cut the dog’s Quick, you will cause them pain and discomfort. The Yorkie will eventually grow to hate the nail clipper. Hence, to prevent this from happening, ensure that you do not cut on the Yorkie’s Quick at all.

Usually, the Quick will appear to be pink in clear nails. This will be the crucial area that you will need to avoid. You should place the clippers at least 2 cm away from the pink part. Usually, the professional dog groomers will angle the nail clippers when trimming the Yorkie’s nails.

My Yorkie Have Dark Nails. What Should I Do?

In the event that your Yorkie have dark or black nails, it will be extremely tricky for you to trim the dog nails. There are some nail clippers that can detect the dog’s Quick even when it is dark or black nails. You might want to check them out. Alternatively, if you wish to carry on with your regular nail clipper, do ensure that you cut the nails at an angle. This will minimize the odds of you cutting the Quick by mistake.

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