Tips and Tricks for Dog Teeth Care

I got inspired to write this article after I brought my dog out to the neighborhood dog pen, and someone commented that my dog’s teeth is very white. They subsequently approached me, and asked me about my tips and tricks for dog teeth care. I sheepishly told them that I used certain products to keep my dog’s teeth in a good condition. but in actual fact I have been totally neglecting my dog’s oral hygiene! So that is why I will be writing an article about dog teeth care in this post

Dog Teeth Care

This is another aspect that most owners will neglect, because they simply do not see the importance of this. It is estimated that over 80% of dogs have some oral pathology. A quick check with your regular vet may reveal some of the usual problems that owners have regarding this. Most trips to the vet can be easily avoided, and these trips can easily set you back by a hundred dollars per trip!

Much alike humans, plague can form in the dog’s cavity and all sorts of bacteria can be present there. We would need to help the dog to take care of its teeth, since they are unable to do so themselves. Some of the more common problems are listed below

Gingivitis: This is the typical inflammation of the gums that is very common in dogs. Plague and tartar will form on the tooth, and eventually pushes the gum away from the tooth, allowing bacteria to form there. If left untreated, it may lead to periodontitis.

Periodontitis This is the inflammation of the tissue around the teeth, causing shrinkage of the gums and loosening of the teeth.

Caries: This is the crumbing and decay of the tooth of bone. It is less common in dogs, and it is reported that 5% of all dogs have this problem.

Bad Breath(Halitosis) : This is simply the bad odor from your dog’s breath, and most of the time it is caused by Periodontitis.

If your dog is experiencing any discomfort during their meal times, or if your dog’s teeth appears to be distorted, please visit your nearest vet to diagnose the problem.

Dog Teeth Care

Do remember to brush your dog’s teeth too as it helps to prevent most of the problems! Your dog can have white teeth too!

Dog Toothbrush Set with Two Dual Double Headed Toothbrushes By Legacy Pet Supplies

dog teeth care

Seriously, just brush your dog’s teeth already! This set by Legacy Pet Supplies is just about the best toothbrush for dogs. This plastic toothbrush is made from plastic that is safe for the dog.

This toothbrush soft bristles on either end, and the long handle make it easy for you to reach the inner recess of your dog’s mouth. This is the only toothbrush for dogs that most owners use.


Nylabone Advanced Oral Care Dog Finger Brush, 2 pack

dog teeth care

In your younger days, perhaps you have used your own fingers to brush your teeth in the absence of a toothbrush. Now, a company actually developed something similar that you can use for brushing your dog’s teeth with your fingers.

It has soft bristles that allows you to reach the pesky nook and crannies that is tough to reach where plague and tartar could hide. This finger brush is excellent for dogs that fear the conventional toothbrush.

Some dogs actually dislike the fact that you are inserting a random plastic object into its mouth, and finger brushes seems less intrusive to them. This is actually good for dog teeth care!


Petrodex Enzymatic Toothpaste Dog Poultry Flavor

dog teeth care

What is a toothbrush without the proper accompanying toothpaste? We recommend using Petrodex Enzymatic Toothpaste for dogs This is specially formulated for pets, and it is the best toothpaste for fighting the formulation of plaque and tartar in the dog’s teeth. It is poultry in flavor, and it helps to eliminate bad breath. It is also known to help keep the dog’s teeth white!

This product has received rave reviews from many owners, and they all swear by this toothpaste. The elimination of plague is the top concern for most owners that are in the know, and this toothpaste serves that purpose in the best way ever. Some owners tried to switch back to the previous product that they used, and plague will start forming up in just a few weeks time. This is highly recommended by us for better dog teeth care.


Joy Pet 6-1/2-Inch Double Headed Tarter Remover/Scraper, Stainless

dog teeth care

To remove hardened up plague, you could use Joy Pet 6-1/2-Inch Double Headed Tarter Remover/Scraper to assist you. Just make sure that you are in control of your dog, and restrict its movement so as to prevent yourself from accidentally hurting your dog.

This is actually very highly recommended by many vets. This is something that most of my friends swear by too!


Virbac C.E.T. Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews


This bag of hygiene chews features an exclusive Dual-Enzyme system that helps to prevent plague and tartar buildup. It helps to eliminate bad breath, and hence your dog’s teeth remain clean and healthy.

It comes with a tantalizing poultry flavor too. Virbac Dental chews is very popular on Amazon as most owners strongly believe that Virbac Dental Chews can help them solve their canine’s teeth problems.


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