Best Food For Great Dane Puppies

We have read many online reviews and discussion relating to food for Great Dane puppies, and there is a debate between using protein rich diet for the Great Dane puppies or just normal growth formulas for them. In this article, we aim to clarify the misconceptions that most owners have pertaining to this. We will also be making our own recommendation for the best food for Great Dane Puppies.

Best Food For Great Dane Puppies

There are quite a few good contenders for the best food for Great Dane Puppies. It will be presented in the table below.

We strongly recommend you to purchase the Earthborn Holistic Coastal Catch Grain-Free Dry Dog Food as it is simply one of the best Great Dane puppy food.

What Food For Great Dane Puppies?

Actually, the following applies to all breeds which are large or giant in size. The food that you will feed to such puppies should be just right for their development and they should not contain too much calories and calcium. You can switch to an adult dog food once the puppy is about six to ten months old.

Not all commercially available food for puppies are suitable for large or giant breeds, hence usually pet owners are encouraged to prepare home-cooked meals for their puppies.

However, we understand that not all pet owners have the luxury of time, and hence we intend to make our own recommendation for the best food for Great Dane Puppies. We will select grain-free food with low calcium content of 3.5g per 1000kcal.

Low or High Protein Diet For My Great Dane Puppy?

This is an interesting debate as there are varying reports on dogs having growth issues such as hip/elbow dysplasia after consuming a high protein dog food for the Great Dane. Before we go into the topic proper, let us visit the danger of ‘overgrowing’ your puppy.

Dangers of Overgrowing The Puppy

Many owners of large breed dogs like Great Dane tend to overfeed the dog during the infant stages. Their concept is to feed the dog and ensure that they grow up to the “healthy” size as soon as possible. This is effectively dangerous for the dog! Large dog owners have to understand the difference between ideal development in the dog as compared to maximum development. Pet owners should be worried if the dog is reaching its “optimal” weight and size earlier than norm. Overfeeding of the puppy of a large or giant breed will result in them developing orthopedic diseases when they are older.

This is simple. If the dog is growing at a rate higher than norm, the body will not be able to withstand the stress, and the bones might not fully developed to take the weight of the dog too. This results in an abnormal bone structure, which itself will stay permanently in the dog, causing much trouble to them in the later stages of their life. Do note the larger the dog, the lower the bone density.

Protein Or No Protein?

The question here shouldn’t be either or. It should be a question of how much food you should feed the dog. Overfeeding the puppy will result in rapid growth, which is bad for the pooch.

It is confirmed that protein levels have zero effect on the development of skeletal problems in large breeds like Great Dane. The main culprit are actually excessive calories and an unbalanced nutritional diet. The lack of proteins in the diet can contribute to the problems too. If you read any article online that say too much protein is bad for puppies, it simply means they are not reading widely enough, or they are simply copying and pasting information from another unreliable source. 

Too Much Of Anything Is Bad

The above is true for minerals. If we overfeed the puppies with minerals, the body would not be able to cope with the influx of additional nutrients, and everything will be absorbed by the body. Now, most of the pet owners will think that this is a good thing. Have you tried to fit air into a balloon that is already at its maximum size? The balloon will simply burst, right? Not exactly the same for dogs, but the concept is still the same: the additional minerals (especially calcium) will simply overdevelop the bone structure, and the dog’s natural development will be plagued with problems.


If your Great dane isn’t a puppy anymore, then you can consider buying the best dog food for great danes.

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