Preventing Anxiety in Labrador Retriever

Have you encountered the problem whereby your Labrador Retriever starts to whine, bark, dash around the house just when you are about to leave for work? If this is the case, then your Labrador Retriever might be suffering from separation anxiety. Preventing Anxiety in Labrador Retriever is a fairly common thought that most owners have. Anxiety in dogs is a common issue amongst owners who are too close to their dogs. These dogs are afraid to be left alone in the house. I recall many years ago, when my friend left her poodle at my place. The moment she step out of the house, the poodle started to howl, dash around the house and eventually peed at the door. She then ran out of the house when I open the door for my pizza!

Back then, I did not know that dogs can have anxiety issues too. It is only after researching on the internet that I realize of this prevalent problem that exists within the dog community.

Preventing Anxiety in Labrador Retriever

Let us visit some of the signs and triggers that the Labrador Retriever has anxiety issues.

Signs/Triggers that your Labrador Retriever has anxiety issues

These are the telltale signs that your dog has anxiety issues. Note that the list is not exhaustive.

  1. Loud noises just before you leave the house
  2. Excessive banging on the door when you just leave the house
  3. Torn furniture when you arrive home
  4. Scratches on the wall after you arrive home
  5. Pee or excrement on the floor after you arrive home

These are the triggers that might cause the anxiety problems. Note again that the list isn’t exhaustive.

  1. Addition of a new family member
  2. Owners leaving for work
  3. New environment
  4. Left alone with unfamiliar people

Do understand that this is a very common problem that can be easily solved. We will give you some pointers on preventing anxiety in Labrador Retriever

First of all, you have to recognize that your dog indeed have this problem. We can use behavioral modification to train the dog, ensuring the reduction of the problem. There are several ways to attaining this.

We can crate-train the dog. Before we leave the house, we can put the Labrador Retriever into the crate and cover the crate with a cloth. This can alleviate stress in the dogs. Alternatively, you can put the Labrador Retriever into a dog house. It works the same way. If you need help choosing a proper crate or a dog house, you can refer to this and this for some of the reviews of crates and houses.

Maintaining a regular exercise routine helps the dog too. It helps to reduce stress and anxiety in them. In addition, dogs who are too tired from exercise are more susceptible to commands given by the owner. However, do take note that Labrador Retrievers are prone to having Exercise-Induced Collapse. Be mindful of the limits that Labrador Retrievers have.

Alternatively, we can keep the dog occupied while we are away from. We can switch on the TV or the radio to distract the dog. If not, we can keep the dog occupied by using interactive toys that can really occupy their time. We have too done reviews on the best interactive toys for Labrador Retrievers.

You could also practice intervals with your pet too. By intervals, I mean leaving your house for a short period of time, and then returning. Keep doing that till the onset of anxiety is minimized, and you can gradually increase the duration that you are out. This conditioning training helps your dog to slowly ease into an environment without the owner for long periods of time.

If you prefer medication that your dog could take, then perhaps Composure for Medium and Large Dogs will be suitable for them.

Preventing Anxiety in Labrador Retriever

These chews by VetriSCIENCE is recommended for pets that are constantly exposed to increased environmental stressors. It helps to alleviate the behavioral problems without affecting the dog’s energy level. These composure chews contain 3 active ingredients that have a calming effect on the animals.

It is frequently used together with Bach Rescue Remedy Pet.

Preventing Anxiety in Labrador Retriever

Bach Rescue Remedy Pet is an alcohol-free formula that can be put on a treat, in the water bowl or rubbed on the belly to calm them down. You can add a droplet of this onto the chews too. Places 4 drops on the treat, or alternatively add 4 droplets into the drinking water. Repeat when needed.

The previous few steps above should suffice in preventing anxiety in Labrador Retriever. Should you detect any problem, always seek professional diagnosis first before applying any remedy to them.

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