Choosing The Best Dog For Small Apartment

If you are living in the urban areas, you would realize that most of the houses nowadays are small. Look at the heavily build up areas in the urban cities, and you will have a good sensing of the space constraints faced by the urban developers. If you are living in such places, and you wish to keep a dog as a pet, you might want to understand that in some States, there is a restriction on the size of the dogs that you can keep in these small apartments. Since space is a definite problem, it will be good for you to explore about some of the Best Dog For Small Apartment that you can keep in your apartment.

Best Dog For Small Apartment

For small apartments, the general consensus is to get a dog that is low in maintenance. This is because usually the owners are not around most of the time to care for the dog. Hence, getting a dog that requires low maintenance will be good for these owners. Let us look at some of the Best Dog For Small Apartment.

Shih Tzu

Best Dog For Small Apartment

Shih Tzu is one of the Best Dog For Small Apartment. No doubt that they can be nortoriously tougher to groom, they are extremely docile dogs. Shih Tzu are often the top choice for the Best Dog For Small Apartment because of their temperament. Also, they can be quite lazy, hence they require little exercise. This also make it easier for you too!

Shih Tzus are in fact very lovable creatures. The only downside is that it can be notoriously tough for you to trim their nails. But no fret of that, as we reviewed the Top 2 Dog Muzzle For Shih Tzu To Prevent Biting. In addition to that, you can also look at the Dog Grooming Tools For Shih Tzu that we have recommended too!


Best Dog For Small Apartment

How can we leave out the Chihuahua in the list of Best Dog For Small Apartment? Chihuahuas are absolutely lovable creatures, and they are in fact so lovable,, that it is a top favorite amongst my peers. In the apartment that I live in, there are easily ten owners of Chihuahuas living here.

This adorable dog are so tiny, that they require little maintenance. Perhaps you can purchase a Dog Bed For Chihuahua. However, one of the major drawbacks is that they can be really noisy. Having said this, you can always use Bark Collars For Chihuahuas. This is one of the most important tool as Chihuahua can be really noisy!


Best Dog For Small Apartment

Pomeranian is one of the Best Dog For Small Apartments. They are feisty little creatures that can have a bottomless pit of energy. They are such homely pets, that they require little amount of exercise. They do not require us to exercise them on a daily basis, hence making it excellent for us.

In addition to that, they are not entirely clingy onto their owners. As a result, we can spend a large amount time outside of the house without needing to worry about the Pomeranian! They are however known for their barks, hence you might want to consider the bark collars for small dogs.

Yorkshire Terrier

Best Dog For Small Apartment

Yorkshire Terriers is another top choice for the Best Dog For Small Apartment. They are active, but you can easily exercise them at home. The biggest problem is again their tendency to bark incessantly. This can again be solved by the Best Shock Collars For Yorkie. Having said that, the Yorkie’s lifestyle is very suited for small apartments. This is one of the best choice too!


Great Dane

Best Dog For Small Apartment

You might be surprised at this choice, given that Great Danes are large in size. This is actually not a fluke! Great Danes are one of the Best Dog For Small Apartment. The reason why we choose Great Dane is pretty simple. Although they are large in size, they actually require little maintenance.  Also, they are not really active dogs, hence the daily walks will suffice for them. It will be good if you can purchase a Dog Crate For Great Dane for your dog. This will address the problem of space, especially when your Great Dane needs a place to sleep in!

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