Harness Lead For Dogs

Harness Lead For Dogs Review

The law states that when you bring your dog out in the public, they must be accompanied by a leash. Owners usually do walk their dogs with a leash attached to a harness, and that itself is good. We have reviewed quite a number of harness, especially the Heavy Duty Dog Harness With Handle. Also, we did the review on the Best Harness For Pullers. We have been notified of a not-so-new harness which actually incorporates the harness and leash into one, and it is called the Harness Lead. This harness lead is gaining popularity in America. Don’t believe us? Take a look around your neighborhood, and you can spot your neighbors using Harness Lead on their dog.

Let us take a look at the Harness Lead, and what makes it stands out from the other harnesses.

Harness + Lead Escape Proof, Reduces Pull Dog Harness

Harness Lead For DogsThis Harness Lead is lead that is simplistic in aesthetics, but innovative in their design. It acts as a Harness, a Leash and at the same time it is also a no-pull harness too. It actually discourages the dog from breaking away from you. If the regular no-pull harness isn’t working for your dog, then really, this Harness Lead Escape Proof Dog Harness is simply the choice for your dog.

Many owners of dogs with the tendency to pull have often been perplexed at the methods that can stop their dog from pulling away. Many of them tried various no-pullers, and some of those harness actually constricts the dogs breathing ability. These harness sometimes simply just do not work on their dogs, and these owners are often at their wits end.

In comes the Harness Lead. Essentially, it it only a long continuous rope lookalike that helps to stop or prevent your dog from running away from you.


How Does The Harness Lead Work?

 Harness Lead Escape Proof Dog Harness

To use this Harness Lead, you will need to first put the loop around the dog’s head. Do ensure that the slit is position across the back of the dog. After that, align the black stops with the back of the front legs. The black stop is deliberately positioned three to prevent the neck from being bounded when the dog runs away

To wrap the nylon rope around the dog, start on the metal ring side, and warp the leash under the body. Bring the leash around the dog, and up the handle and rubber disc up through the slit opening at the back of the dog. Pull tight, and push the rubber disc down to hold it in place.

This system is specially designed to discourage dogs from pulling away. When the dog runs, the disc will rise, and the dog will feel a drag, and hence it will stop its run. The material of this Harness Lead is excellent as it reduces chafing on the dog. It does not have sharp edges to irritate the skin, and hence it does not wrap into the armpit areas of the dog.

If you are afraid that it cannot hold your dog, be rest assured that the tensile strength of the Harness Lead is at 3,700 lbs, which means it it effective for all breeds!

If you are interested in purchasing the Harness Lead, click here to find out more.

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