German Shepherd Harness

Choosing The Best German Shepherd Harness

How can we not look into The Best German Shepherd Harness? German Shepherd, being excellent police and working dogs, can be pretty tough to handle. This is especially true if you have just recently gotten the German Shepherd as a pet. They will simply not listen to your commands. Try walking your new German Shepherd on the streets, and you will experience the strength of the German Shepherds.

In fact after writing the article Top 3 German Shepherd Dog Bed Reviews, we received emails asking us if we do know anything about German Shepherd Harness. We have in fact been wanting to review the Best German Shepherd Harness, but we have yet to do so because of pressing issues. Hence, this article will be just focusing on the German Shepherd Dog Harness. Let us look into Choosing The Best German Shepherd Harness.

Choosing The Best German Shepherd Harness

To choose The Best German Shepherd Harness, we have to first consider the material. The material that you choose shouldn’t cause abrasion to your German Shepherd’s skin. For this, each dog will have different requirements. It is really up to you to decide on the material. Generally, we would recommend not using leather harness for German Shepherds.

Other than material, you would need to consider the size of the German Shepherd Harness. You certainly do not want to purchase a Dog Harness for your German Shepherd, only to find out that the size doesn’t fit your dog. An ill fitting Harness can cause problems to your German Shepherd.

Last but not least, you have to consider your German Shepherd’s strength. Most of the time, these dogs have powerful legs. If you choose the wrong Dog Harness for the German Shepherd, your German Shepherd will find it easy to lead you during your regular walks. This should not be happening as you should be the one that is manipulating the entire walk.

As such, with the above considerations in mind, let us look into the Top 3 German Shepherd Harness.

My Pets America Reflective, Adjustable Dog Harness with Leash and Handle

German Shepherd Harness

When you mention German Shepherd Harness, most owners will point your direction to this. This German Shepherd Harness by My Pets America is the top German Shepherd Harness by owners and professional dog groomers too.

This German Shepherd Harness is fully adjustable, and it is really the perfect Harness for German Shepherd. It is made from durable materials. Made from polyester which is light in weight, it is wear resistant, making it perfect for outdoor usage. It is also very strong, and is able to withstand the forces that most German Shepherds are capable of.

In fact, this no pull dog harness for German Shepherd is filled with sponge. This means that it is so comfortable for your dog, that she will hardly feel it on her. It doesn’t put stress onto your dog’s neck, unlike conventional dog harness. What’s more, if you intend to bring your German Shepherd out for late night walks, you will be glad to know that the Harness is reflective. The reflective element helps to make your dog visible at night, hence eliminating the risks of danger.


Pros: Adjustable leash. Strong and durable. Comfortable for your dog. Reflective element.
Cons: None.
Our Rating: (4.9 / 5)

EXPAWLORER Escape Proof Outdoor Dog Harness


Next on the list of Dog Harness for German Shepherd is the EXPAWLORER Escape Proof Outdoor Dog Harness. This is another top favorite amongst military units and professional dog groomers.

This dog harness is completely adjustable too. This means that the force is equally distributed across the entire harness too. This relieve pressure from the neck, which is common amongst conventional dog harness.

This dog harness for German Shepherd also have the reflective element. It really helps to provide better visibility at night. If you are looking into German Shepherd Dog Harness for cars, you will be glad to know that it has a Sturdy Handle for easy seat belt attachment when the dog is in your car!

The materials are also specially selected to provide maximum comfort for your dog. It also have the perfect marriage between comfort and security for your dog.


Pros: Pressure is evenly distributed. Adjustable. Reflective element.
Cons: Not that good looking.
Our Rating: (4.8 / 5)

JULIUS-K9 | IDC-Powerharness


This 3rd choice for the Best German Shepherd Harness is also well liked by many Professional Dog Trainers too. The JULIUS-K9 IDC-Powerharness is perfect for working German Shepherds.

In fact, this German Shepherd Harness ensures that your dog will never pull away from you ever again. It allows easy handling comparatively to other dog harness. This German Shepherd Harness is in fact used by many European Police, Schutzhund, armed services, working dogs, and agility athletes. We all love it because it reduces pulling by the dog. This means that we have complete control over the dog! This also means that there is lesser force exerted on the throat as compared to other harness too!

In addition, the chest belt, edges, and the Julius-K9 tags are reflective. This means that  your German Shepherd is visible even at night.


Pros: Well loved by professionals. Easy handling. Lesser force on the throat. Reflective element.
Cons: None.
Our Rating: (4.9 / 5)

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