Are Huskies Good With Cats

Are Huskies Good With Cats

It is almost a given that Huskies is one of the top dogs that most owners would want to keep as pets, if not for the specific weather that huskies should live in. Many pet professionals did mention that huskies are meant to live in cold and temperate climates. Unless you have the money to spend on a dedicated air conditioning unit for your Husky. Or you can also purchase the Cooling Dog Bed For Husky

Assuming that you have all the conditions necessary for the Husky’s wellbeing, the next question you might want to ponder about is if the Husky will be able to live with humans as well as other pets. In particular, you might be wondering are Huskies good with cats. This is a very valid question, as some dogs are notoriously bad with cats.

Are Huskies Good With Cats

Are Huskies Good With CatsThis is a resounding no. The majority of Huskies are really bad with cats. The cats will either end up suffering from the Husky’s constant menace or they might end up with a severe depression problem. This is no fault of the Husky. They are encoded with the predatory genes that will automatically be activated when they see smaller pets like cats. Not that there are many animals that can be bigger than the Husky.

Huskies in the wild are too used to being kept on their toes at all times. This is really due to the aggressive climate that they live on. Imagine having to protect yourself from the big bears all the time. Hence, when they see smaller animals such as the cat, it is very natural for them to be aggressive against it.

How To Get Huskies To Get Along With Cats

Is it really impossible to get the Husky to get along with cats? Not entirely. With proper training and conditioning, it is really possible for the Husky to get along well with cats. It really boils down to how well the owner can train up the Husky to love the cat more than anything else. Husky do have a great sense of loyalty as well as being protective over their family. The main crux is to let the Husky know that the cat and they belong to the same family unit.

Curb The Husky’s Predatory Instincts

Are Huskies Good With CatsThis is actually the main problem here. While we do not have a good mechanism to solve this, what usually works is to let the Husky mingle around with the cat while under the direct supervision of the human. If not, they should be kept apart at all times till the Husky learns how to play nice.

One of the reasons why the cat tends to end up in the Husky’s stomach is actually due to the cat running around. Cats are undoubtedly very agile. When the cats take off, the Husky’s innate predatory instincts will be triggered. That itself is a problem that you need to solve.

One of the ways in which you can train the Husky is actually to use the Best Training Collar For Siberian Husky. These items are specifically meant to train the Husky to behave in a proper manner that befits a family unit.

While you are at it, you should also purchase the Best Igloo Dog House For Husky or the Best Dog Crate For Husky.

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