Puppy Apartment Reviews

Puppy Apartment Reviews

There is some hype going on regarding the puppy apartment. Before you just into conclusions, the puppy apartment is one of the best tools that you can use to help potty train your dog. The puppy apartment is able to instantly solve all our dog’s potty problems by using their innovative tool. The puppy apartment is really a godsend to owners who are having trouble trying to get their dog to pee and poop at the correct places. But how good is the puppy apartment? Let us find out!

Puppy Apartment Reviews

Essentially, not all dog crates do qualify as a puppy apartment. If you buy a big apartment for your dog, it isn’t a puppy apartment too. It is not that simple! A puppy apartment is simply a crate with a separator that separates the sleeping area and the toilet in the crate itself. While you can do that with any regular crate with a crate divider, it isn’t exactly the same.

The best way to differentiate a proper puppy apartment is that the puppy apartment itself must have multiple entry points. This means having an access point between the sleeping area and toilet area via the separator. Also, there should be multiple doors that allow the dog to enter freely too. Do note that the dog is not supposed to be confined in the crate at all.  If you do so, then the puppy apartment will not be too different from the regular ones already.

What Good Is The Puppy Apartment

Puppy Apartment ReviewsThe whole purpose of the puppy apartment is to potty train your puppy. To put it simply, if your puppy is locked up in the crate itself, they will find means and ways not to poop or dirty its own sleeping area. They will then move to another area to do its business, which is just through the divider and to its designated area. This is completely achievable simply because the puppy will not soil its own sleeping area out of pure instinct. Nobody soils their own sleeping bed, yeah?

Before you go about assuming that it is really that simple, you would need to understand that everything that the dogs do require training. The puppy apartment will only work if there is training involved.

Also, do note that the puppy apartment is not a good substitute to the regular walks that the puppy needs.

What Can The Puppy Apartment Fail

There are several ways at which the puppy apartment can fail. One of the top failure reason is that the dog has already developed a negative impression of the crate. If you have been locking your puppy in the crate more often then you should, then naturally they will develop an aversion towards the crate. To prevent this from happening, you will need to understand that the puppy needs an avenue to explore and run about. You should never lock the puppy up in the puppy apartment for too long a time.

Always ensure you promote positive reinforcement than negative reinforcement. Reward the dog when it successfully poop or pee in the correct place.


Is the puppy apartment good, then? Yes! It is actually one of the best and ingenious way to potty train a dog. While it might be expensive, it is completely worth its price.

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