best portable bathtubs for dogs

Selection Of The Best Portable Bathtubs For Dogs

Bathtubs are pretty much the rage. You might not need one, but it really does not harm you to own the best portable bathtubs for dogs. This portable pet bathtub allows you to really achieve so much more with your dog than the conventional method of bathing your dog. And the portable bathtub for pets really allows you to bath your dog no matter where they are, provided there is an active water supply nearby. With the portable bathtubs, you can finally say goodbye to the backaches!

Which is the best portable bathtubs that you can get for your dog? Read on!

Best Portable Bathtubs For Dogs

A quick search on Amazon does gives us many options in terms of selecting a good portable bathtub that can be used on dogs. Our selection criterion is pretty strict. We only select those that are truly portable and will give the dog a stress free environment when you bath them. This strict criterion differs largely from the conventional review sites that you might see.

Flying Pig Pet Dog Cat Washing Shower Grooming Portable Bath Tub

best portable bathtubs for dogsGo around the various professional pet groomers and breeders, and more often than not, the Flying Pig Pet Dog Cat Washing Shower Grooming Portable Bath Tub will appear often. This is a testament to the bathtub’s popularity!

The portable bathtub consist of two sections. The top section is the bathtub, or the pet basin, and the bottom is the legs. The basin is made entirely with heavy duty plastic. This plastic is BPA free, and it is able to withstand the weights of dogs ranging from the smallest breeds to the medium sized ones. It is also very easy to clean this basin too. More on this later. As for the legs, there are made of stainless steel, which will pretty corrosion and rust from happening. The bottom of the stainless steel legs are fitted with a rubber pad to ensure the bathtub does not slide around the floor when your dog fidgets in the bathtub.

In terms of cleaning this portable bathtub for dogs, you can easily clean them with mild soap. The water will drain off at the bottom drain plug. The water in the basin flows into the eyelets, and eventually you can release all the water via the flexible drain hose that comes with the purchase.

What happens if you do have an uneven floor, which is actually a common place problem? No worries! The Flying Pig Pet Dog bathtub does have the leveler that is adjustable for your uneven floor as well as the 360 degree access.

This high quality dog grooming tub is UV sanitized too, and it really makes the entire elevated pet bathing process to be enjoyable by both owners and the dog. And it is enjoyable by dog owners simply because the owners need not bend over just to bath the dog. You can finally bath the dog while you are standing.


Pros: Very light and portable. Safe materials. Good contours in basin.
Cons: Not meant for large dogs.
Our Rating: (5 / 5)

Why You Should Buy The Portable Bathtub For Dogs

Whenever we humans buy anything out of impulse, we will find thousand and one ways to justify our purchase. For the portable bathtub for dogs, let us do the justification for you.

It Saves Your Back

This is literally the best reason that you can get. All dog owners, especially for smaller to medium sized breeds, should know how tough it is when you bath your dog. You are required to bend down so that you can effectively bath your dog when using shampoo. Over long periods of time, your back will start to ache and your health will suffer.

When you use these portable bathtubs for dogs, they are usually elevated, hence eliminating the need for you to bend down just to bath your dog.


Bathing your dog on the floor versus bathing your dog using the portable bathtub, which will be cleaner? Obviously the latter! You might not know what kind of germs or bacteria that might be present on the floor. Comparatively, the plastic material for the portable bathtub’s basin is resistant to bacteria, hence it will be cleaner for your dog too.

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