Zencrate : The Smart Anti-Anxiety Dog Crate

If you have a dog that is suffering from separation anxiety, you might be aware that this problem also exists in many other dogs too. While it is a common problem, we should not ignore it as it can be extremely tiring for our dogs when the problem sets in. While there are crates that can help us solve the problem, it is something ineffective. Recently, a company by the name of Zendogcrate that came up with an innovative product that promises to completely eliminate separation anxiety altogether. This innovative product is called the Zencrate.

What is Zencrate?


Essentially, Zencrate is a hollow cube that resembles a normal wired crate. It also resembles a normal rosewood furniture that you might see in contemporary houses.

It functions like a normal dog crate too. But the twist is this. While normal dog crates does help to relieve separation anxiety, it can only work its magic if and only if the dog decides to visit the dog crate when the anxiety sets in. This can be worrisome for the owner as you wouldn’t know if the dog crate is useful or not. There is close to zero triggers for the dog to enter the dog crate when separation anxiety sets in.

In comes the Zencrate. Unlike conventional dog crates, the Zencrate has a sensor that detects when the dog enters the Zencrate. When that happens, it starts to play music. This music is specially selected by the company, as research does shows that certain music is able to have a calming effect on the dog. Even while the music is played, the Zencrate is designed to isolate ambience sound when the dog is in the Zencrate itself.

With this technology, together with the acoustics of the device, the dog is able to rest comfortably inside the Zencrate. The soothing music is able to calm the dog down, and experiments shows that the dog is able to fall asleep soundly when in the Zencrate.

Also, because of the material and design of the Zencrate, there is reduced light exposure. In addition to that, dogs who have separation anxiety have the tendency to be extra fearful during thunderstorms. This is however negated by this product itself. The makers of this dog crate has incorporated the latest vibration damping technology. This helps to dampen the vibrations made during thunderstorms.  The perfect marriage of sound, comfort and reduced light helps to calm the anxious dog down!

Are There Other Products That Can Clam My Dog Down?

Having said that, there exists various other products that can assist you in calming your dog down. There is the Thundershirt for dogs too. However, as correctly pointed out in this article, you must be present to don the clothes on the dog. But if you are present, then it means that your dog shouldn’t be suffering from separation anxiety!

Where Can I Purchase the Zencrate?

As of Sept 2016, Zencrate is actually available on Kickstarter. We will update this page when we receive more information on where we can get this unique product other than on Kickstarter.

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