Tuff Crate Pad Review – The Best Crate Pad Ever

If you have been looking for the crate pad or bed that you can put inside dog crate or dog houses, you will surely come across the awesome Tuff Crate Pad from K9 Ballistics. Indeed, this Tuff Crate Pad is an awesome item to have. But how good is it exactly? Let us find out in this Tuff Crate Pad Review!

Tuff Crate Pad Review

Tuff Crate Pad reviewWhen doing this Tuff Crate Pad Review, we went about asking many owners about the quality of the Tuff Crate Pad. Indeed, while doing this Tuff Crate Pad Review, many owners did provide us with valuable insights. Of course, we did not just ask the owners, as their views can be subjective. In doing this Tuff Crate Pad Review, we also did interview owners of dog kennels as well as the professionals.

Hence, for this Tuff Crate Pad Review, we will be looking at various metrics. We will be reviewing the Tuff Crate Pad’s material as well as its suitability for dogs who chew. We will also be looking at its ability to be be portable too. Of course, we are also particular about the aesthetics of this Tuff Crate Pad too. Last but not the least, the stuffing inside the Tuff Crate Pad as well as the ability to be cleaned easily will play an important role too.


In terms of material, the makers of this Tuff Crate Pad have chosen the best material ever for crate pads. The Tuff Crate Pad is made from the extremely durable and tough 1680 denier Ripstop ballistic nylon. The special blend of 1680 denier Ripstop ballistic nylon is actually developed by the company itself.

The 1680 denier Ripstop ballistic nylon is known to be extremely strong. This is partly due to the tightly interweave Ripstop pattern actually stop and prevent the smaller holes from developing into larger ones. This feature is one of the top reasons why most dog owners love this Tuff Crate Pad. Indeed, the pattern as well as the material severely discourages dogs from tearing and scratching this crate pad. Actually, your dog will find it extremely tough to scratch and tear this Tuff Crate Pad apart. However, having said that, if your dog is an aggressive chewer, then this Tuff Crate Pad might not be that suitable for them.


The stuffing of this Tuff Crate Pad is also made from premium materials. Indeed, it has 1.5 inches of polyester fill in this crate pad itself. This can ensure that your dog have a good place to rest in. In addition, there isn’t any zip nor Velcro that exist in this Tuff Crate Pad. Then you might ask, how is it possible to maintain the cleanliness of this Tuff Crate Pad then? Well this entire Tuff Crate Pad can be machine washable. Indeed, the stuffing are so good, that it doesn’t clump up even after washing it in the washing machine.

This material is however inadequate if your dog is injured or ailing. In that sense you might want to consider the K9 Ballistics Orthopedic TUFF Crate Pad. This Orthopedic Tuff Crate Pad is awesome for older dogs or for dogs that are sick or injured. The stuffing for the Orthopedic Tuff Crate Pad consist of a 2″ thick of orthopedic foam. This material is actually very good for them. Especially for dogs who are really not well, it will be good for them if we can provide to them a good resting place in the final years of their life.


When conducting this Tuff Crate Pad Review, we did wonder about the Tuff Crate Pad’s portability. This is an important metric to us, as it would mean that we can transport the crate pad where ever we go. Luckily for us, the Tuff Crate Pad is completely portable. Since the stuffing is soft, you are able to roll this crate pad up easily.


Most dog crates or beds can be tough to clean up. This is due to the combination of material as well as the stuffing. However, for this Tuff Crate Pad, the material and the stuffing is completely meant to be cleaned using the machine. Indeed, when doing this Tuff Crate Pad review, we toss the crate pad into the washing machine. Not only was it thoroughly cleaned, the stuffing also did not clump up. Most stuffing from the other crate pad or bed will clump up after being washed using the machine. But for this Tuff Crate Pad, the stuffing came up perfectly fine. Drying it was equally easy too.


If you are looking for the best crate pad that is easy to clean, portable and is able to provide comfort to your dog, then this Tuff Crate Pad is the best choice for them. It can provide comfort to your dog via the awesome material and tip-top stuffing. Also, the material is able to prevent holes from propagating, assuming that your dog is able to claw its way through this chew resistant material.

We strongly encourage all dog lovers to purchase this Tuff Crate Pad for their beloved canine companion.


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