best dog crates for Weimaraner

Best Dog Crates For Weimaraners Reviews

For the first time ever, we are going to start a topic on Weimaraners. Why are we so sure that this will ring a bell with our readers? it is simply because we have many friends who have been asking us about this dog breed, and also about the best dog crates for Weimaraners. It is no secret that Weimaraners is one of the most beautiful dog breeds. However, they are known to have many Weimaraner behavior disorders. If you have a dog crate that is catered to them, it might be one of the best ways to administer the Weimaraner separation anxiety treatment. So yes, this topic is about the best dog crates for Weimaraners reviews.

Best Dog Crates For Weimaraners Reviews

While most writers can simply pick the myriad of dog crates on Amazon and write reviews on them, we prefer to do things differently. We will consider the dog’s needs as the main priority when we select the dog crate for them. These dog cages for Weimaraners have to be able to cater to their needs as well as suiting their personality. We have done that reviews of dog crates for large breed dogs such as Doberman PinscherHusky, German Shepherd, Pitbull and also for the largest dog breed ever, the Great Dane. Also, we did cater reviews of dog crates for the medium to small dog breeds too, such as the Jack Russell Terriers, PomeranianBorder Collie as well as for Shih Tzu. These goes to show that we are pretty adept at scouring the Internet, finding the best dog crates for very specific breeds.

Ok back to the main topic, which is conducting the best dog crates for Weimaraners reviews. We have selected a few dog crates for Weimaraners which is absolutely perfect for them. Note that since the Weimaraners is a large breed type of dog, and that they can be strong, we will need to find dog crates or dog cages that suit their physic.

  Pro Select Empire Cage SmithBuilt Lucky Dog
Pro Select Empire Cage SmithBuilt Crates Heavy Duty Cage Crate best dog crates for Weimaraner
Material Steel Steel Steel
Strength Extremely High High High
Durability Superb High Superb
Dimensions 40 3/4" x 28 1/8" x 31 3/4" 48" x 33" x 37" 120" x 60" x 72"
Weight 99.2 pounds 106 pounds 219 pounds
Ratings 5.0 [Editor's Choice] 4.9 4.8
Buy from Amazon Amazon Amazon

Pro Select Empire Cage

Best Dog Crates For Weimaraners Reviews

For large and strong dogs like the Weimaraners, we will usually recommend owners to purchase the Pro Select Empire Cage. This is because it is one of toughest and strongest dog crate that you can find on Amazon. The strength and toughest of this dog crate means that it can be a good way to help ease the onset of separation anxiety in your Weimaraner.

Why is this Pro Select Empire cage so strong? This is due to the extra strong steel tubing that forms the main structure of the crate itself. The steel tubing is thick enough to prevent your Weimaraner from biting or chewing its way out of the crate. Also, this prevents your Weimaraner from barging its way out of this extra durable and strong dog crate for Weimaraner. Some dog crates are so flimsy, that the door of the dog crate isn’t enough to hold back the force coming from dogs. At least for this Pro Select Empire cage, it have the toughest material available. Also, it is welded strongly at the stress points, hence your Weimaraner will not be able to destroy and escape from this dog cage.

In terms of aesthetics, the dog cage have a nice finish to its steel tubing. It uses the high-grade hammertone, giving it a very nice and pleasing look. The quality of the finish ensures that this dog cage is resistant to rust as well as to the elements.

This best dog crates for Weimaraner have two sizes. We will recommend you to purchase the large size one, with dimensions at 40 3/4″ x 28 1/8″ x 31 3/4″ and weighs at 99.2 pounds. Since it is so heavy, the designers have incorporated removable locking casters that allows you to wheel this dog crate around easily.

Since the Weimaraner is known to be tricky to train and extremely destructive if not trained well, we strongly recommend you to purchase this dog cage. We have done a comprehensive review about this dog cage, and it can be found here.


Pros: Heavy duty with wheels. Extremely strong and sturdy.
Cons: Can be heavy.
Our Rating: (5 / 5) Editor’s Choice

SmithBuilt Crates Heavy Duty Cage Crate

Best Dog Crates For Weimaraners Reviews

This Heavy Duty Dog Crate is a popular choice for owners of Weimaraners. A quick visual scan through of the various forums tells us that many owners love this crate!

Designed by SmithBuilt, this best dog crates for Weimaraner is the top seller for heavy duty dog crates on Amazon. This is due to its perfect combination between functionality and aesthetics. In terms of being able to prevent your stubborn or aggressive Weimaraner from being destructive at home, you can simply place the Weimaraner in the crate when you are not at home. This is a good way to administer Weimaraner separation anxiety treatment. And you can safely do so due to the material of the crate itself.

This best dog crate for Weimaraner is made from extremely strong and durable steel. The entire structure is thick, and there are two doors available for this dog crate. There are 2 slide bolt latches for the front door, and 1 slide bolt latch for the top door. All of these translates down to security for your dog. Your Weimaraner will never be able to escape from this extremely heavy duty dog crate at all.

The designers have ensured that the aesthetics of this dog crate for Weimaraner is not neglected too. It comes with a nice finish to enhance the otherwise boring look of the steel tubing. This finish ensures that the entire dog crate it resistant towards corrosion, rust as well as to chews and to the weather.

This dog cage can be heavy, as it weighs 106 pounds for the 48″ crate. The dimensions is at 48″ x 33″ x 37″. With such a heavy weight, the designers have ensured that you will be able to push this dog crate around easily. This is due to the four removable casters at the bottom of the crate itself. This ensures that you can easily maneuver the crate around to your desired location.


Pros: Heavy Duty with wheels. Front and top door available. Chew and rust resistant.
Cons: Heavy.
Our Rating: (4.9 / 5)

Lucky Dog Modular Box Kennel With Enclosed Top

best dog crates for Weimaraner

This Lucky Dog Modular Box Kennel With Enclosed Top is a good option if you wish to keep your Weimaraner safely outdoors while you are not at home. Or, if you wish to employ Weimaraners as guard dogs, this can be a good enclosure for them too.

In terms of material, it completely outshine most other outdoor dog kennels. Made completely out of steel, it is designed with one objective in mind, which is to keep your dog safe and secure in the kennel itself. The steel tubing that makes up the structure of this outdoor dog kennel for Weimaraners have different diameter all across. The main bars that surrounds the crate is at 5/8 inch thick. The spacing between each of this bar is at 2.5 inch. The mainframe of this outdoor dog kennel is at 5.5 inch thick. The entire outdoor dog kennel for Weimaraner have a black powder coat that aids to the rust resistant property of this heavy duty outdoor dog kennel.

The steel bars are welded together, and they produce no sharp edges of fixtures. This means that your Weimaraner will be completely safe when they are in this kennel itself. This extremely strong and durable structure is easy to assemble too.

What we like about this outdoor dog kennel, it that it is completely modular. Meaning to say, you can simply change the configuration of this kennel to suit your dog’s needs. In addition, you can purchase additional panels just to enlarge the area of the crate. Not a bad way to conduct Weimaraner separation anxiety treatment!

With a dimension of 120″ x 60″ x 72″, there is ample space for your Weimaraner to move about in the outdoor dog kennel. It does come with a top that prevents your dog from escaping too. One of the downside is that this outdoor dog kennel can be heavy, as it weighs at 219 pounds. This can actually be good, as it does mean it will be equally tough for your Weimaraner to barge its way out of this kennel!


Pros: Chew and rust resistant. Strongest outdoor dog kennel. Superior durability and stability.
Cons: Heavy and expensive.
Our Rating: (4.8 / 5)


Each of the above dog crates for Weimaraner have its own pros and cons. It is really entirely up to the dog owner to decide which is the best dog crates for their dog. To leak a Weimaraner training secret, when you wish to train your Weimaraner, having an awesome dog crate does help!

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