5 Smallest Dog Breeds In The World

We simply love small dogs. These tiny dog breeds are so adorable, that there is so much publicity regarding celebrities who prefer the smaller dog breeds. Indeed, there is a growing interest in dogs of a mixed breed, as some of them do turn up to be small in size. What then is the smallest dog breed in the world? In this article, let us show you the 5 Smallest Dog Breeds In The World. However, before we go into that, let us look into the underlying reasons why people simply love the toy breed dogs.

Why People Love Toy Breeds

5 Smallest Dog Breeds In The WorldThere are indeed many reasons why owners love the toy breeds. But what is it that is so appealing about the tiny dogs that humans are so bewitched by them?

There are indeed some characteristics that really appeals to humans. For short, since the dogs are indeed tiny, humans will love to cuddle them. It is obviously much easier to carry smaller dogs around than a dog that is significantly much larger in size.

In fact , when I did a quick count of the dogs that my friends own, a majority of them do own smaller dogs that never see to grow up!

Let us look at some of the characteristics that these tiny dogs have.

Light In Weight

These dogs are usually very light in weight. In our categorization of the dogs, we will deem that dogs who weighs not more than 10 pounds would qualify as small and hence tiny. In fact, since the dogs are light, these small full grown dog is so easy for us to carry around.

Short In Height

Of course, since they are less than 10 pounds heavy, these smallest full grown dog are not expected to be too tall. Indeed, these tiny dog breeds are extremely short, and they can be no more than 12 inches in height. All of these attribute to the overall cuteness of these smallest full grown dog breed.


This is actually very ironic. Usually, it is the smaller dog breeds that are more feisty in nature. Some of them do pack a huge bark that can rival the bigger dogs in the world. Some owners love them because of this!


We humans have a longer lifespan than a dog. All of us will surely outlive our dogs. Having said that, not many of us have the emotional capacity to deal with the loss of our pets. Hence, one reason why people choose tiny dog breeds as pets is because of their life-span. Usually, the smaller breeds in the world are able to live for 15 years at least. In this sense, owners who have a toy breed as a pet will not have a heartbreak as quickly as owners of the largest breed.

Perfect Sofa Mate

Most of the toy breed toys love the human companion the most. They love doing nothing in the house except laying beside the human and allowing their belly to be stroked by the owners. In this sense, the tiny breed dogs are simply one of the best sofa mates ever.

Saving Space

Of course, when you have a small breed dog, one of the most important thing that you will be saving is space. This is obvious. Since the dogs are small in size, they will require a smaller crate as well as requiring a smaller bed. All of this means that you will have more space in the house for things that really matters to you. If you indeed own a small apartment, then you should read our guide Choosing The Best Dog For Small Apartment.

Low Maintenance

The smallest full grown dog in the world requires low maintenance from you. This will equate to a smaller costs, as things for dogs can be pretty expensive these days.

5 Smallest Dog Breeds In The World

As you can see, there are many reasons at which why you should own the smallest dog breeds in the world. But which are the dogs that qualifies as one of the smallest full grown dog in the world?

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, as the Chihuahua is well known to be one of the smallest full grown dog in the world. This Feisty little creature can weigh from 3.3 pounds to 6.6 pounds. Currently, the lightest dog in the world is actually a Chihuahua. One problem that Chihuahua has is that they love to bark a lot. If that is a problem to you, then perhaps you can use bark collar for Chihuahua to assist you in training the dog not to bark.

The Pomeranian is also one of the smallest full grown dog breed in the world. It seems as it this is one of the little dogs that never grow at all. They are so cute, that some owners simply adore their Pomeranians. Typically the Pomeranian can weigh between 4.2 –to 7.7 lbs. While they are small, it does mean that it is pretty tough to find suitable dog crates for them. We have just the selection that you can consider, and you can read more about it in this article.

Yorkshire Terrier
The Yorkshire Terrier is another well loved toy breed dog that many people love. While they can pack a punch when they bark, there are still very much lovable. There are ways that you can prevent the Yorkie to bark this much too. You can use devices such as the bark collars for Yorkies. They can weigh between 4 to 7 pounds.

The Papillon is a dog that really resembles that of a Chihuahua. They do share similar traits, in that they love to bark and they can be extremely noisy. The Papillon can weigh between 7.9 to 9.9 pounds.

Chinese Crested
The Chinese Crested is a dog breed that is said to exists simply to be perfect couch companion ever. They are said to be able to read their owner’s mind. They do look a little like the Papillon and the Chihuahua. The Chinese Crested can weigh up to 12 pounds.

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