Best Dog Harness For Small Dogs

Honestly, if you would to ask me to choose between Dog Harness or Dog Collars, I will choose the former anytime. Dog Harness allows us to have more control over our dog. At the same time, it eliminates the possibility of having injuries like trachea collapse. This is important should you have a smaller dog. Hence, let us look into some of the Best Dog Harness For Small Dogs.

Best Dog Harness For Small Dogs

We too understand that not all dog harness fits all types of dogs. Each breed has its own characteristics that not all dog harness can accommodate. We will be breaking down this component into the various breeds. We will find the Best Dog Harness For Chihuahua, Jack Russell, Dachshunds, Bulldogs, Maltese and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Best Dog Harness For Chihuahua

To choose the Best Dog Harness For Chihuahua, we need to find the smallest dog harness that is available from Amazon. This is because Chihuahuas are small in size, and not many companies will spend the effort to develop something for the Chihuahuas. There are in fact various candidates, but we have decided to choose the Gooby Choke Free X Frame Soft Harness with Micro Suede Trimming for your Chihuahua.

Gooby Choke Free X Frame Soft Harness with Micro Suede Trimming

Dog Harness For Chihuahua

This Dog Harness For Chihuahua is developed by Gooby. This original X frame harness has the complete functionality of Dog Harness, and it has a perfect marriage with style. As Chihuahuas are small, this Dog Harness is perfect for it as it reduces the force on the neck. The V Neck opening shifts the pressure to the chest instead.

In addition to that, since Chihuahuas are really small but active, the Micro Suede trimming around the harness helps to eliminate abrasion! Do note that in the product listing on Amazon, there is a size guide. Please follow the guide! Measure your dog’s chest area and neck circumference.


Best Dog Harness For Jack Russell

To choose the Best Dog Harness For Jack Russell, we have to note that some Jack Russells have very short upper legs, hence most Dog Harness don’t suit them. We have managed to find the perfect Dog Harness For Jack Russell.

YUP! Nylon Non Pulling Dog Harness

Dog Harness For Jack Russell

The YUP! Nylon Non Pulling Dog Harness allows you to have complete control over your Jack Russell. It integrates control, style and comfort for your dog too.

We have chosen this to be the Best Dog Harness For Jack Russell because of the webbing. The webbing is elastic, and hence it is able to stretch in sync with your dog’s movement. To prevent abrasion, which is common with certain Dog Harnesses, the unique mesh of the Dog Harness allows maximum comfort for your Jack Russell.

If you are concerned about the material, you will be glad to know that it is made completely of the highest grade nylon. Even the metal parts are nickel plated to ensure that the dog harness can withstand the elements.


Best Dog Harness For Dachshunds

This is the toughest of the lot. Dachshunds are known to have short legs and a long body. Their body shape is so unique, that we have a tough time trying to find a good harness that can cater to that. After spending sometime, we have found the Best Dog Harness For Dachshunds in Harness for Dachshunds.

Harness for Dachshunds

Dog Harness For Dachshunds

This Dog Harness For Dachshunds is really developed with Dachshunds in mind. This company took note of the Dachshunds’ long body, and went on to develop the perfect Dog Harness For Dachshunds. Look at the picture, and you will notice that there are in fact 2 buckle points at the body of the Dachshunds. This ensures that you dog is in your control at all times. It fits snugly onto the body, and the material ensures that it doesn’t cause abrasion to your dog too.


Best Dog Harness For Bulldogs

This is another tough one! For us to choose the Best Dog Harness For Bulldogs, we have to take into consideration its strength and of course the big face and short legs! There are in fact a few contenders, but we will perhaps narrow to just one! The one that we have chosen is actually one of the Best Leather Dog Harness For Bulldogs

Genuine Leather Dog Walking Harness

Dog Harness For Bulldogs

It take a certain characteristics for a person to actually own a Bulldog as a pet. Hence, with that in mind, we decided to go unconventional, and choose a Leather Dog Harness For your Bulldog.

This Genuine Leather Dog Walking Harness is made with a 1″ Wide Leather. This completely ensures that your dog is in your control. Bulldogs are stout and pretty strong in nature, hence it will be good for you to own a Leather Dog Harness that allows you to be in complete control over its movements.

This Leather Dog Harness For Bulldog is both light and strong. It will give your Bulldog a classy look, and it will defitely standout when out walking with you. This leather harness is the complete marriage between aesthetics and functionality.


Best Dog Harness For Maltese

Usually, owners of Maltese love to keep their mane long. Hence, the Dog Harness For Maltese must be able to accomodate to that. The harness cannot rub against the coat of the Maltese as it will cause severe abrasion to the dog. No fret, we have found the perfect Dog Harness For Maltese!

Gooby 04111-SBLU-S Gooby Choke Free Perfect Fit X-Harness

Dog Harness For Maltese

We have specially chosen the Gooby 04111-SBLU-S Gooby Choke Free Perfect Fit X-Harness as it is made with synthetic lambskin strap. This simply means that this Dog Harness For Maltese is very soft. The edges are too made of suede. This helps to reduce scuffing should your Maltese have sensitive skin.

This affordable Dog Harness For Maltese is both fashionable and functional. In addition to the suede’s functionality, it too helps to reduce any irritation that can be caused by conventional Dog Harness.

To ensure a good fit, this Gooby Perfect Fit X Harness has 4 adjustable, 2 around the neck and 2 around the chest.


Best Dog Harness For Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Staffordshire Bull Terrier coats are short, hence the Dog Harness that we choose for them have to be made from a good material. This is because some materials may cause abrasion against their skin. We have decided on Leather Dog Harness, and the Leather Dog Harness For Staffordshire Bull Terrier that we have chosen will certainly be good for your dog.

Leather Dog Harness Staffordshire Bull Terrier Staffy

staffy-leather-dog-harness-staffordshire-bull-terrier-staffy-staffie-strong-df78ed12e05179b1845947123d27c371 (2)

This Leather Dog Harness For Staffordshire Bull Terrier is guaranteed to make your Staffordshire Bull Terrier look more imposing!

It is made with 100% Genuine English Bridle Leather. To prevent abrasion, there is soft pads that are at the front and back of the Dog Harness. This Dog Harness is specially made with the Staffy in mind. Due to the strength of the Staffy, the leather dog harness is riveted for extra strength too!

Notice the front of the Dog Harness for Staffordshire Bull Terrier? It has a Brass Staffordshire Bull Terrier Head that will serve to enhance the look of your Staffordshire Bull Terrier.


Having said all these, we will still be constantly looking for the various dog harnesses that can be catered to certain breeds. Do let us know should you have any comments!

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