Dog Food For German Shepherd

Best Dog Food For German Shepherd

German Shepherds are one of the most beloved dog in America, ranking number two just after Labrador Retrievers. They are one of the smartest dogs in the world, and are usually tagged with the police or military as working dogs. German Shepherds are considered a medium sized to large sized breed and they have a black to brown 2-layered coat.  Being active dogs, it is important that owners know exactly what nutrients that the German Shepherd needs, and hence the best dog food for German Shepherd will be crux of this article.

Before we go about discussing the best dog food for German Shepherd. we will need to take into account the dog’s temperament and characteristics before we can advise on type of food for German Shepherd.

German Shepherd’s Characteristics

Dog Food For German Shepherd

German Shepherds are usually strong, athletic and very active. They are overly protective of their family members too. They can grow up to 100 pounds, and most of it are muscle mass. In accordance to a nutritional study, German Shepherds should have a diet ranging from 1720 to 2100 calories. However, this is just for active adult German Shepherds. As a guide, if your German Shepherd happens to prefer lazing around at home, then you should feed your dog a lower calorie diet. Do not over feed your German Shepherd as it may cause more harm than benefits for your dog.

Top Ingredients In Dog Food For German Shepherd 

The best dog food for German Shepherd must have at least 22% protein content for growth and 18% for maintenance for adult dogs.  As German Shepherds are active, the diet must consist of at least 5-8% fat content. When they are puppies, do not overfeed them too as it will create problems when they are in their adult stage. Do look out for the first 5 ingredients listed in the food’s packaging when you buy the food, as they are required by law to state the ingredients according to the highest content first. So if the first listed ingredient is chicken, then chicken will have the highest content in the food as compared to the next ingredient. Also, look out for omega fatty acids which are important in maintaining your dog’s skin and coat, keeping it healthy and shiny.

There are in fact many types of dog food out there that can be the best dog food for German Shepherd. However,  we would only recommend you to choose Orijen Adult Dog Food as it is simply the best one that you can choose for the best dog food for German Shepherd as it contains all the nutrients that your German Shepherd will need.

Orijen Adult Dog Food

dog food for german shepherdIn an earlier article, we have provided reviews on Orijen Puppy food, and the recommended food can be consumed by German Shepherd puppies too.

For adults, their nutritional needs will be different from the puppies. Usually, we feed lesser food to adult dogs than to puppies.  Orijen Adult Dog Food is simply amazing. Many owners have switched to this bag, and their dog seems to be enjoying eating the food more than ever. It is reported that the quality of the dog’s stool also improved after eating the Orijen Adult Dog Food.

This bag of dog food for German Shepherd is packed with ingredients that are high in protein content. Since the ingredients are sourced from free-running farm animals, the food is guaranteed to be optimal for most dogs. The ingredients are delivered fresh each day, and hence the proteins and fats that your dog is taking in is unprocessed. It is 90% protein, 10% of fruits and vegetables. It has a minimum of 38% protein and 18% fats, hence ensuring that the basic nutrients for your dog is being met.  The calorie content is at 478 kcal per cup, which makes it one of the best dog food for German Shepherd!


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