Do Pig Ears Give Dogs Diarrhea

Do Pig Ears Give Dogs Diarrhea

We have reviewed some of the best pig ears that you can give to the puppy, and more information can be found in the article Quality Pig Ears For Puppies. However, there have been reports that after consuming pig ears, the dogs have diarrhea. In this article, we are going to debunk that myth, and answer the question do pig ears give dogs diarrhea.

Do Pig Ears Give Dogs Diarrhea

Do Pig Ears Give Dogs DiarrheaEssentially, pig ears are not the reason why the dogs have diarrhea. The real reason is actually humans. You may wonder, how does the human cause the dogs to have diarrhea? This can be done, simply when the human provide too much of the pig ears to the dog. Hence, if you ask us do pig ears give dogs diarrhea, our clear answer is a no. Pig ears do not give dogs diarrhea. But what exactly is the pig ears’ nutritional value, or the content that can illicit this from the dog? Lets find out!

Pig Ears As Treats

Essentially, pig ears are often give to dogs as they are indeed tasty. Most dogs do love the tasty pig ears as a snack. The dried, crunchy treat is often able to remove food residue and plaque from the dog’s teeth too. However, when consumed in large quantities, it can be detrimental to the dog’s health.

High Fat Content

Pig ears are known to be high in fat content. As per humans, any food that is high in fat content, if being consumed in huge quantities, will lead to obesity. This goes the same for dogs too. Though dogs does require fat in their diet, too much of it will simply make the dog fat. When the dog is overweight, it will lead to many other problems too. This includes diabetes, heart diseases or even problems when the dog is older.

Not Suitable For Dogs With Sensitive Stomach

It is a known fact that pig ears are not really that suitable for dogs who have sensitive stomachs. If the said dogs were to consume the pig ears, it will lead to the said problem, diarrhea, and even vomiting. In addition to that, since the pig ears are dried and chunky, if they are not chewed down to small bits, it can cause obstruction in the dog’s digestive system, and it may even block the dog’s airway. This of course will cause plentiful of problems to them.


One of the top reasons why people would ask if do pig ears give dog diarrhea is that some of the pig ears are infected with the Salmonella bacteria. This bacteria is known to cause many problems in the dog especially the gastrointestinal infection. One of the top symptoms shows up is when the dog starts to have diarrhea or even vomiting. Salmonella bacteria causes the diseases that can be transmitted from pigs to dogs, or even to humans. To prevent this from happening, the pig ear should be heat treated for about half a day. To ensure this, you should only buy pig ears’ from trusted companies. You can always call them up to verify about the treatment process before you purchase the pig’s ears.

So Do Pig Ears Give Dogs Diarrhea?

The answer is no. Dogs no not simply got diarrhea from pig ears. It is the over consumption of it that causes the problem. Hence, do ensure that you give the dogs pig’s ears in moderation.

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