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Top Dog Towels You Should Use To Dry Your Dog

It is always an experience in bathing the dog. There are various types of shampoos that you can use, but for the case of the dogs having dry itchy skin, you can use the Best Dog Shampoo For Dry Itchy Skin as it will help your dog to alleviate the problems. If you have a Boxer, then you can consider The Best Shampoo For Boxer Dogs as these shampoos are good for them. Of course, it will always be good to use dog dryers on them. There are various versions of them, and one of the best-reviewed ones will be the Cage Dryer For Dog Grooming. But before you go about using the dyer, you will need to dry the dog using dog towels. While normal towel will usually suffice, there are indeed specialized dog towels that you can use for drying your dog.

Top Dog Towels You Should Use To Dry Your Dog

You may wonder why the need to use specialized dog towels? Just so you know, the dog drying towel is usually microfiber dog towels that are extremely good for dos. They do not leave residual materials on the dogs, and the material does not get dislodged easily. Indeed, the absorbent dog towels are usually easy to dry too, hence the turn around time is pretty fast. While almost all of the dog towels are the same, perhaps the difference will come in terms of design. Let us take a look at some of the top dog towels that you should use to dry your dog.

DII Bone Dry Microfiber Pet Bath Towel with Embroidered Paw Print

Dog Towels

This is perhaps the ultimate dog towel that you should purchase for your dog. The DII Bone Dry Microfiber Pet Bath Towel with Embroidered Paw Print combines functionality as well as aesthetics together in one complete dog drying towel.

Being touted as the perfect towel to dry your pet regardless of its sizes, this ultra-soft-microfiber dog towel is able to ensure that the drying process is completely enjoyable for both the owner and the pet itself. Of course, this superabsorbent dog towel is machine washable, hence cleaning of the dog tower itself is an easy task.

The bone dry ultra absorbent is also one of the cutest paw print dog towels. There is a cute looking paw print on the towel, hence you will never mix up the dog towel with the towel that you normally use. This particular dog towel is light and portable, hence it is easy for you to transport it around. A towel measures at 44×27.5″, and it comes in 12 different colors. Should you prefer the embroidered dog towels version, then you can find them here.


Shamwow Towel

Dog TowelsThe Shamwow Towel is one of the more highly requested towel ever. Indeed, I have peers asking me where to buy Shamwow towels. Let us do a comprehensive review of the Shamwow Towel.

The Shamwow towel is actually not designed as a dog towel. It is more of a towel to clean surfaces or perhaps some spills here and there. This is because the material of the towel is able to hold up to 21 times its own weight in liquid. This makes it an extremely good towel to use when it comes to cleaning up big items.

For the case of the dog, you can use Shamwow towel as a good alternative to a dog towel. It works great on pets too due to its super absorbent capabilities. It is completely washable and leachable too. What’s makes it safe for dogs is because they are made without the use of chemicals, which is a rarity. Some of the towels you see in the market are synthesized with chemicals before they go for mass production, so you will need to be wary about this.

All in all, the Shamwow towels is a highly recommended dog towel that you can use on dogs of all sizes.


Soggy Doggy Super Shammy Microfiber Chenille Dog Towel with Hand Pockets

Dog TowelsThe Soggy Doggy Super Shammy Microfiber Chenille Dog Towel with Hand Pockets is one of the best microfiber towels with hand pockets that all dog owners should purchase. It is program designed to ensure that your dog becomes dry easily after being cleaned by the microfiber chenille dog towel.

If we were to list down the benefits that this super-absorbent, durable, microfiber chenille dog towel have, we might need a lot of time and space. To make it more concise, this dog towel is stated to be able to hold up to more than 7 times of its weight. This is enabled by the millions of ultra-fine strands that are weaved together to form the complex yet simple structure that forms the dog towel itself. Due to its material as well as structure, it does have the properties of a sponge. Hence, it will soak up the water fast! This ensures that your dog will be dried in the fastest of time too.

Have a problem with drying the dog’s underbelly? This can be solved by the hand pockets found in the Super Shammy too. This one of its kind features allows you to have complete access to your dog’s underbelly, hence being able to dry it with much more effectiveness.

In order to clean the dog towel, you can simply toss it into the machine. This will enable you to clean the dog towel easily too. We strongly urge you to purchase this as it will help you save up so much trouble as well as saving up your time.


My Doggy Place – Ultra Absorbent Microfiber Chenille Dog Bath Dry Towel with Hand Pockets

Dog Towels Another awesome dog towel with hand pockets, the My Doggy Place – Ultra Absorbent Microfiber Chenille Dog Bath Dry Towel with Hand Pockets proves to be equally functional as the rest of the towel.

Similar to the rest of the dog towels that you have seen here, this Chenille microfiber shammy towel is ultra absorbent. When tested, it is verified that it is able to hold up to 7 times of its weight in water. This ensures that the entire drying process for your dog is fast and efficient. Indeed, you can think of it as a sponge, but a towel version of it.

There are hand pockets that allow you to reach to the harder parts of the body, like the underbelly. This means you wouldn’t need to carry your dog and try to clean the belly already. The above-mentioned method is currently employed by many owners who do not own a dog towel is hand pockets for underbelly drying. This dog towel is available in four available different colors.

The Doggy Place is actually quite a popular brand for dog items such as the My Doggy Place Wireless Doorbell and the My Doggy Place Washable Microfiber Chenille Dog Door Mat. These two items are equally awesome, and you can buy them to compliment the entire Doggy Place repertoire.


Mugzy’s Mutt Towel

Dog Towels

This Mugzy’s Mutt Towel is one of the best dog towels in the sense that it does not trap fur like some of the dog towels do. It is indeed densely woven together, hence there is completely no avenue to trap the fur. This is excellent, as it means that your machine will not be overly cluttered with dog fur when you wish to wash this towel in the machine.

When it comes to cleaning and drying your dog, you should always look out for dog towels that are super absorbent as well as their ability to dry fast. These two aspects will be important if you wish for an overall good experience in drying your dog. Some owners simply couldn’t be bothered about drying their dog, just because they have a very bad experience in doing so. This dog towel aims to remove that bad experience totally.

After you dry the dog, you can toss this into a machine for washing or drying purposes. The material of the dog towel allows for longevity, which again is another rarity when it comes to ultra absorbent dog towel for large dogs. All in all, this is a highly recommended product by us!



What To Look Out For When To Comes To Dog Towels

There are several properties that you should look out for when you wish to purchase the best dog towels for your beloved canine companion.

Super Absorbent

This is obviously the most important aspect. You wouldn’t want to buy a dog towel that would require you to rinse water off frequently. Most dog towels are indeed super absorbent, and they can hold up to 5 times or 7 times its weight. These are important to you, as it will allow you to have a quicker and more efficient process of drying your dog.


The material will play a big part in this. You would need a material that is able to absorb more water as well as not being able to trap fur. Some conventional towels will trap fur when you dry the dog. This will cause a major problem when you wish to toss it into the machine for washing or drying. The fur will eventually be dislodged off the dog towel, and it will clog up the machine. Hence, having a good material, such as the microfiber dog towel, will be paramount.

Hand Pocket

If you are having no problems with cleaning your dog’s underbelly, then this feature is perhaps not important to you. But if you are having trouble trying to clean your dog’s underbelly, then having a dog towel with a hand pocket will do you a good favor. By having the hand pocket, it will allow you to reach underneath your dog to dry it, rather than struggling with getting it to stay upright for you to clean the belly itself!

Drying Speed

Last but not least, you will want a dog towel that can be dried at a faster speed. While not exactly important, it will be a good feature to have, especially if you own multiple dogs but you only wish to have one towel. By having a dog towel that dries fast, it means that you will be able to clean multiple dogs at one go too.

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