SureFlap Microchip Pet Door

A Comprehensive SureFlap Microchip Pet Door Review

There are times at which I wish to close the door at night, yet wanting to allow my pet to have the freedom to exit the house to relieve themselves in the lawn. The need to close the door at night is real as it provides a layer of security at night. However, this poses a problem to my pets as they might want to relieve themselves, yet they are confined in the house. And this is the reason why dogs can cry at night for no apparent reason. As such, I went deep into market research for pet doors, and I have indeed found the ultimate pet door for my pets: The SureFlap Microchip pet door. This is perhaps the only pet door that you should purchase, as it has many functionalities that will surely gain your attention. Fortunately, I have a friend who owns a SureFlap Microchip Pet Door, and I was able to do an extensive review about it.

The Comprehensive SureFlap Microchip Pet Door Review

First of all, the SureFlap Microchip Pet Door is a pet door that is conjured by a pet owner who wanted a device that recognizes the pet’s microchip to decide whether the flap can be unlocked or not. That itself is a very quick summary of what you would get when you purchase the SureFlap Microchip Pet Door.

What is the SureFlap Microchip Pet Door

SureFlap Microchip Pet Door

Like what the name suggests, it is a pet door that allows only pets with a pre-recognised chip to pass through. This is, in fact, the largest microchip pet door that is available in the market right now The entry point measures at 7″ x 7″, hence working only for smaller dogs.

You might wonder why the need to limit the size to just 7″. This is because research shows that a larger door might be easier to break into rather than smaller doors. Also, 7″ just happens to be the perfect size to discourage intruders too. I guess the only downside is that the SureFlap Microchip Pet Door works only for smaller dogs.

With this microchip pet door, you will be able to control who enters your house as well as preventing unwanted intruders from entering via the pet door. Of course, the pets are limited to just a dimension of 7″ x 7″. That excludes a lot of random animals and creatures already. One of the best features it has is that there is the timer function that really helps in controlling the duration at which the door is deliberately kept open for your pet’s access to and outside of the house. This means that you can set the door to open during the night, or to keep it closed during the day when it can be pretty warm out there. This functionality is one of the most sought-after features for microchip pet doors.

If you are wondering if your pet’s microchip works with the SureFlap pet door, you will be glad to know that all ID microchips will work perfectly with the door. Even if your dog does not have a microchip, you can have the SureFlap RFID collar tags.

What will you get when you purchase the Microchip pet door? Or what other features or benefits does the microchip pet door brings to you?


There is, of course, the flap that is the only access point into and out for the house. Do note that the flap can only be opened from the outside if there is the RFID collar.

The flap itself is made from clear plastic that isn’t flimsy. It is surrounded by fuzzy weather strips that prevent drafts. This flap, like mentioned earlier, allows any pet to exit the pet door. But to enter the house via the pet door, the RFID collar must be present and that the system recognizes the ID on the collar itself. Otherwise, the pet door will only allow a microchipped that they have identified earlier. The door, together with the flap, is installed into doors that is 0-2 ¾” thick. The controls on the door allow you to lock it entirely or lock it totally. You can also set to in-only and out-only modes, depending on your preferences and use-case.

Customizable Curfew Mode

There is the curfew mode that is entirely customizable based on your needs. It allows you to time the pet door to lock and unlock based on your preference. For example, if you wish for your pet to exit the house at night just to relieve itself, you can set it to unlock during the night. This allows your dog to exit the house via the microchip or the RFID collar. I must reiterate this, that the pet door allows all pets to leave, but it only allows dogs with a scanned microchip or RFID collar to enter.

Up to 32 different pets can be ID-ed with their respective microchip.

Free Entry And Exit Feature

One of the features that is outstanding is its ability to function as a normal pet door. This means that all pets will be allowed to enter or leave the pet door as and when they wish to. Initially, my friend was hesitant when he started to employ the usage of this microchip pet door. This is mainly because his dog is really resistant towards the entire training process. He then tried to train the dog to enter in and out of the pet door without the usage of the locking feature. As such, the dog got more comfortable in exiting and entering the pet door itself. This training program is extremely suitable for younger dogs, as it does help to acclimatize them to using the door. In days to come, surely they will be more adept at using the microchip pet door. This serves to be an extremely useful tool for your dog, and perhaps your family too.

Can Be Installed On All Surfaces

If you are too worried that the microchip pet door cannot be installed onto your door, you can rest assured that the microchip pet door can be installed onto most surfaces. This includes glass, wood, plastic or even the wall. Of course, you will need to drill, or create, a hole to install the pet door, so do expect some installation process. This is necessary before you can utilize this important


In conclusion, this microchip pet door is one of the must-have items if you intend to allow your pet to venture outdoors, while at the same time stopping pests or squirrels from entering your house. Indeed, this useful SureFlap microchip pet door has been a lifesaver on many occasions. Imagine having the ability to stop pests or other small animals from entering your house, yet at the same time allowing your dog to have the freedom to enter and exit the house. The SureFlap Microchip Pet Door is one of the most highly recommended microchip pet door that we have reviewed.

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