Best Dog Kennel With Top For Outdoors

Do you know that thousands of dogs die each year due to heat stroke? Sometimes, owners may neglect their dogs while they are in Working Dog Crates or in just the dog crate for all dogs. While it might seem safe, it will be extremely dangerous once summer sets in. There are thousands of dogs who perish under the heat in a year, and regretfully this statistic can be drastically reduced if all owners know the importance of allowing the dog to have a shady area to play in during Summer. In order for this to be done, owners should always purchase a dog kennel with top for outdoors.

Dog Kennel With Top For Outdoors

Dog kennel with top for outdoors is actually just kennels or dog crates/cages with a top. The reason why owners will purchase them is because of the top! The top, which actually means a cover, allows protection from the scorching sun during Summer. This means your dog will be protected from the heat! One of the more important tips for keeping your dogs free from heat stroke is to provide them a shady place even when they are outdoors. Dogs are smart creatures. If you leave them in the open under the Sun, the dog will eventually seek a shady place to rest in. Isn’t it awesome if you can provide one to them, instead of the dogs running about to the nearest shady place, assuming that it is available? With that, let us recommend to you some of the best dog kennels with top for outdoors that will surely be beneficial for your dog to play in.

Lucky Dog Outdoor Pet Playpen

Best Dog Kennel With Top For OutdoorsThe Lucky Dog Outdoor Pet Playpen can rival the Alcatraz Dog Crate in terms of being durable and sturdy. Made with heavy duty welded steel, your dogs will find it extremely tough to barge its way out of this outdoor dog kennel with cover.

The steel bars and wire mesh are coated with a protective material. This serves a few purposes. One of them is to protect your dog in terms of preventing rust and corrosion. By coating them, it is also ensuring that your dog will not be chewing through contaminated materials. Also, note that the steel and wire mesh are welded before coating. This process eliminates sharp edges from the entire outdoor dog kennel, which prevents injuries from your dog.

For securing your dog, you can count on the latch. It is actually pretty easy to latch your dog into the kennel for your dog’s safety.

The top feature that we are reviewing is actually the kennel cover! The cover, which comes with this outdoor kennel, fits the entire cage perfectly. The ends are enclosed, hence there is full protection against the elements, which includes debris. Some of the outdoor kennel overs that you see can be easily damaged. Not for this particular one, as it is treated with a material to protect the cover from UV rays, thus eliminating cracking!

For a good fitting, there are the elastic cords that ensure a 100% fit onto the dog kennel itself!


Pros: Strong. No tools needed for assembly. Easy to clean. Safe materials. Good and durable cover.
Cons: Can be pricey.
Our Rating: (5 / 5) Amazon’s top choice.

Pawhut 50″ x 46″ x 58″- 72″ Outdoor Covered Dog Box Kennel

Best Dog Kennel With Top For Outdoors

The Pawhut 50″ x 46″ x 58″- 72″ Outdoor Covered Dog Box Kennel is pretty similar to the Lucky Dog Outdoor Kennel. The main difference would be the popularity due to the choice of materials.

For the entire outdoor dog kennel, the main material used will be the galvanized steel which promises to keep your dogs secure in the entire enclosure. The material itself is also safe for dogs since it is resistant to rust, corrosion as well as to the elements. One downside is that you will need some minor assembly to erect the entire dog kennel up.

As always, this outdoor dog kennel does come with a custom made canopy. The good thing about using this canopy is that it fits nicely onto this outdoor dog kennel. The canopy itself is reversible, and it can keep both UV rays and rain away from your dog!


Pros: Strong. Easy to clean. Safe materials. Reversible cover.
Cons: Need assembly. Not that popular on Amazon.
Our Rating: (4.8 / 5)

Best Dog Kennel With Top For Outdoors

As per most outdoor dog kennels that we have reviewed, the galvanized material of this outdoor dog kennel ensures that your dog is kept safe and secure when they are housed in the kennels itself. The materials used in the construction ensure your dog’s safety at all times.

It does come with a canopy that is specifically designed to suit the dimensions of this outdoor dog kennels and runs. To keep the canopy secure onto the outdoor dog kennel, it is clamped at the corners. This is good, as it prevents strong winds from blowing the canopy or cover off. The cover is able to protect your dog from heat, the elements as well as from UV rays.

Should you require a larger area to construct an outdoor dog kennel with runs for your dog, you can always purchase additional kennels to expand the area. This is crucial in letting active dogs run about in a confined yet safe area.


Pros: Strong. Easy to clean. Can be expandable. Cover clamps onto outdoor dog kennel.
Cons: Need assembly.
Our Rating: (4.8 / 5)

Neocraft Companion Pet Kennel

Best Dog Kennel With Top For OutdoorsThe Neocraft Companion Pet Kennel is our top selection in terms of portability. This is simply because you can easily collapse the entire dog kennel and fold it flat and store it in the carrying case that comes along with this purchase.

The entire outdoor dog kennel is made from solid steel. This promises safety, durability as well as security for your dogs. Indeed, the material is coated to ensure that all elements will be kept away from the dog at all times. This includes being totally rust and corrosion resistant.

As for keeping your dogs cool during summer, the canopy itself is able to keep your dog safe from UV rays as well as from the sun or from the rain. This entire outdoor dog kennel can be assembled easily.


Pros: Easy to clean and assemble. Durable. Portable.
Cons: Not as strong.
Our Rating: (4.9 / 5) Best portable outdoor dog kennel

The Verdict

Each of these is good for dogs. You have to look closely to see if you would prefer a portable outdoor dog kennel with canopy, or perhaps a static one will do. Also, the material is equally important as the modularity of the entire outdoor dog kennel. I would prefer a modular design, as I am pretty interested in designing my own outdoor dog keen with a dog run!

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