What Causes The Minature Schnauzer To Shake

Why Is My Miniature Schnauzer Shaking

Minature Schnauzer is one of the most beloved dog breeds in small houses. Not to be kept in tight confines, though, they also love being in large spaces where they are allowed to showcase its talents. Talents including being hyper active as well as disrupting your sleep. Truth be told, some of my peers mentioned that their Minature Schnauzer loves to jump on their bed all the time. While they are indeed hyper active, they can be prone to shaking too. Now, why is it that the Minature Schnauzer shakes? Trembling in Minature Schnauzer is a common problem that has been surfacing up in recent years. Let’s find out why exactly causes the trembles or shakes.

What Causes The Minature Schnauzer To Shake

What Causes The Minature Schnauzer To ShakeThere are indeed several reasons why the Minature Schnauzer shake or trembles. But before you reach the easy conclusion that the Minature Schnauzer is ill, you will need to decide if the dog is shaking because they are excited, happy, or they are indeed suffering from a condition.

If you decide that your dog is indeed shaking due to unknown reasons, then it might be indeed due to some medical condition that warrants a trip to the vet. But before you do that, let me show you some of the various causes for the shakes or trembles.


This is a common reason why the Miniature Schnauzer is shaking. The Mini Schnauzer is known to be relatively timid, and once they are under stress, they might start to shake their body. There are several causes of the stress, and one of them is because of sudden noise like thunder. One of the best ways to stop this is actually to get a good dog crate for them. You can consider the Zencrate too!


When your dog is in pain, this will induce stress into their nervous system and hence the shaking or trembles will start. Do be on a look out for any physical damages or indication that they are in pain. To determine this, you just have to look if the Miniature Schnauzer is walking or running with a very unnatural manner. They can be limping, or resting after just a few steps taken. The pain will cause them to tremble simply because it is a foreign feeling, and they do not feel well! Simple logic! Do get it checked if this is indeed the cause for the shakes or trembles.

While physical pain can be easily determined, the internal injuries are not that obvious. For example, dogs might be suffering from abdominal pain. There are various causes of abdominal pain, and one of it might be that the dog is suffering from pancreatitis. This will require a vet for complete diagnosis.


This is one of the main reasons we generally do not recommend a full shave on dogs who are suited for the temperate climates. When you shave the hair completely, their body might not be able to protect themselves from the cold. This might lead to hypothermia, which will cause the dogs to tremble too. We will advise you to purchase a heated dog house as these houses are specifically meant to protect your dog from the cold.

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