Why Is Exercising Important For Your Dog

We have spoken to many pet owners, and many of them own dogs that are pretty active. For example, Shetland Sheepdog, Labrador Retrievers et al. These dogs are meant to be running around in the yard, than to coup up in the house. Granted, they might have some inherent illness that I might not know of, but they do look perfectly healthy and active in the house. Also, I did notice that they look a little too heavy, and they might be on a exponential route to being totally unhealthy.

I do know of some dogs that suffers from many conditions in the prime of their dog life, and it is sad to know that most of these could be prevented by simply exercising your dog, and this is why exercising is important for your dog.

Why is Exercising Important For Your Dog?

why is exercising important for your dog

Exercising is needed not only for our physical health, but it is also good for our mental health too. This works the same way for dogs too. It is a very good way for us to mange the dog’s weight, and at the same time lowering the chances of them getting health issues later on in their life. In a study done in American, over 50% of all dogs are obese, and this is actually depressing because most of the time, a simple regular exercise can actually bring that number down!

Obesity in dogs actually restricts their movement, and impede their activeness, hence them being couch potato at home. Also, dogs by nature are meant to be active, and depriving them of this can be detrimental to their mental health. Dogs can suffer from mental illnesses.

Active dogs who are not exercising often can be bored, and boredom create a whole new plethora of issues to them, and for us owners too. They could run amok in the house, destroy furniture, or they simply wither their life away.

Is it too late to start now?

As the adage goes, you are never too old for anything. Seek advise from your vet if your dog is suitable for exercises, especially for older dogs. But no vets will tell you that a short walk cannot do at all! Dogs should start at a young age. Of course, do not over-exercise your dogs. Instead, slowly ease them into an exercise routine, and gradually increasing the intensity base on the dog’s response.

What kind of exercise do you recommend?

why is exercising important for your dog

For young dogs, we recommend that you exercise them by playing with them, or purchasing dog toys like KONG Air Dog Squeakair Birthday Balls, or Multipet Plush Dog Toy to keep them active in the house. Once your dog reaches an age of 1 or 2  years old, you could ease them into short runs, and gradually increasing the pace or distance as they gets older. However, do note that not all dogs behave in the same manner, so do note their response to each exercise routine that you put them through. If they display signs of exhaustion, it simply means you are over exercising it, and that itself is a danger. Also, if your dog breed is known to be inactive, then slow walks will be good enough while managing its weight through proper food.

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