Dangers of over exercising your dog

Keeping your pet fit and healthy is an important aspect of ensuring that they lead a good and fulfilling lifestyle. Bringing your pets out for your routine runs is a good way to achieve that. However, more often than not, you would inevitably notice that some of the dogs are completely tired and lagging behind the oblivious owners. Or, you would notice that the dogs are clearly not suited for running at all.  It pains us to see how misinformed these owners are about the dangers of over exercising your dog, and hence we intend to write an article about it.

Dangers of over exercising your dog

In an earlier article, we wrote about the top 10 inactive dog breeds.If your dog fall into that list, then perhaps you would need another companion for your daily runs.

Having said that, it is important to note that dogs generally do not sweat like we humans do. However, they only sweat through areas that are not covered by fur, in example the nose area. Their main way of cooling themselves is by panting, which helps to evaporate the moist parts of the area around their mouth. This is why dogs are more suited to be trained under cooler conditions than during the hotter seasons.

First of all, let us take a look at some of the tell tale signs that your dog is too tired from exercising and you should stop all activities with them. If you notice that your dog is lagging behind you during runs, or your dog keep looking at you while running, it is a sign that the canine is in need of a rest. Also, excessive panting could also mean that your dog is reaching fatigue and you should stop all activities with her. Another point to note is to check on your dog’s energy level after the exercise. If she display signs of extreme fatigue, it means that you have already over exercised her.

One of the dangers of over exercising your dog is heat stroke.

Heat Stroke

Dangers of over exercising your dog

Like humans, dogs can get heat stroke too. Heat stroke occurs when the body cannot eliminate heat fast enough, and the body temperature rises quickly. The thick coat that certain breeds have make them susceptible to heat stroke when exercising. Also, dogs cannot communicate with us to tell us that they are not feeling well. We could only guess an infer from their behavior. It is always good to choose to exercise your dog in the early mornings or late evening, when the heat isn’t too intense for your dog.

Pad Abrasions

Dangers of over exercising your dog

Dogs have pads to protect them from the floor, like how we need shoes too. However, while we can easily replace our shoes, we cannot replace their pads. When your dogs overexercise, their pads can get abrasions against the floor, and that can cause extreme discomfort to them. Although they don’t directly cause death in dogs, it can be extremely painful to them. I have read blogs on dogs whereby the owners regret not taking care of their dogs and forcing them to run as much as they can, so as to lose more weight. These ignorant owners caused the dog’s paw pads to suffer abrasions, and a mere touch to the pads can be painful for them after the exercise. Do limit the dog’s exercise to prevent this from happening.

Blood In Urine

A reader informed us about this danger, and we subsequently did a research about it. If you detect blood in your dog’s urine, it can signify 2 problems, one of which is a unitary tract infection, and the other is Rhabdomyolysis, which is a metabollic disease that usually affects active dogs.

Rhabdomyolysis is the breakdown of the dog’s muscles, and during the process it releases a substance into the urine that make it resembles blood. This is a sign that you are over exercising your dog. It can cause discomfort to dogs, and if it persist more than a day, do visit the vet to seek professional advice. Usually, if the dog is suffering from Rhabdomyolysis, the common solution is just to drink enough water, and wait it out. However, if the symptoms persist after a day, do visit the vet for professional advice.

Do note that these are just 3 of the dangers of over exercising your dog. It is imperative that we take cues from our dog’s behavior and see how it is different from their usual behavior, and determine if the dog is in need of a rest, or in need of immediate medical attention.


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