Do Pitbulls Like To Swim?

Often, I have heard of my peers asking around do Pitbulls like to swim. I am often confused by this, as I would naturally assume that most dogs love to swim. My peers argued that Pitbulls are generally not meant to be good swimmers because of their weight. However, I beg to differ this, as I have seen Pitbulls enjoying themselves in the lake. So, do Pitbulls like to swim? Lets find out!

Do Pitbulls Like To Swim?

Do Pitbulls Like To Swim?Dogs are naturally gifted with the ability to swim. Ever heard of the doggy style when it comes to swimming? This originated from dogs, of course! Dogs love to paddle to stay afloat in the water. However, the amount of time they are afloat is defendant on their weight as well as their tenacity to stay in the water. While the Pitbulls have the necessary physic needed to swim well, they can be large, and hence the Pitbull will require more energy to stay afloat.

But that does not mean that the Pitbull is not meant to swim. I have Pitbulls enjoying themselves, and naturally I went up to the owners and asked about the training process in getting their Pitbulls to swim.

Usually, for owners of Pitbulls, we will recommend purchasing a good life vest for their dog. This is needed if your dog is not a strong swimmer as the Pitbull’s weight will cause them to sink. By purchasing a life vest for the Pitbull, you are actually assisting the Pitbull in swimming! In case the Pitbull does not listen to you while they are swimming, we recommend you to purchase the Best Training Collar For Pitbulls. Do ensure you purchase a waterproof version of the training collar.


Hence, do Pitbulls like to swim? The answer can be vague as it really depends on how comfortable the Pitbull is when it comes to swimming. If we did expose the Pitbull to the water at an early age, then perhaps the Pitbulls indeed loves to swim!

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