best bark collar for shetland sheepdog

Best Bark Collar For Sheltie

Shetland Sheepdog, or better known as Sheltie, is a favorite dog breed that farmers love to have. The Shetland Sheepdog is known to be agile and ferociously loyal to their owner. Also, one of the top reasons why farmers love to keep Shetland Sheepdog as pets is because they can help to herd in the flock of animals. Indeed, a quick search on Google surfaced up many examples of this. However, while they make good farm dogs, they can be pretty noisy. Darwin have determined that the Shetland Sheepdog have a strong bark to them. It have served their owners well. But what happens when the barking gets out of hand? This is a common problem that have been surfaced up by many forums online. Hence, it will be good if we have a device that we can use, so that we can limit or discourage the Shetland Sheepdog from barking. Let us look into some of the Best Bark Collar For Sheltie.

Best Bark Collar For Sheltie

As mentioned in the previous article Best Bark Collar For Corgi Reviews, we have did a series of reviews of bark collars for various dog breeds. The three breeds that are more similar in terms of size to the Sheltie are the American Bulldog, Basset Hounds and the Pitbull. However, as mentioned earlier, we do not believe in a one size fits all model. This is really due to the temperament of each dog too. For example, Sheltie’s are known to be extremely courageous. Hence, the correction that we administer to them cannot be extremely high, as they might revolt against you. With that, let us recommend to you some of the Best Bark Collar For Shetland Sheepdog.

  PetSafe Elite BarkCollar SportDOG 10R Aetertek At-918c
best bark collar for shetland sheepdog Best Bark Collar For Sheltie best bark collar for shetland sheepdog
Modes Of Correction Static Tone, Static Vibration, Tone, Static
Static Correction Level 10 10 9
Auto Correction Yes Yes Yes
Remote Control No No Yes (600 yards)
Waterproof Yes Yes Yes
Dual Detection Yes Yes No
Safety cut off Yes Yes Yes
Weight of Collar 5 ounces 9 ouces 11.2 ounces
Neck Size Up to 22" 6-28" Up to 22"
Min. Weight of Dog Up to 55 pounds 8 pounds and above 8 pounds and above
Ratings 4.8 4.8 4.9 (Professional's Choice)
Buy from Amazon Amazon Amazon

PetSafe Elite BarkCollar

best bark collar for shetland sheepdog

As mentioned in many of our other reviews, the PetSafe Elite BarkCollar for little dogs regularly comes up tops when we want to choose bark collars for the various breeds. While the Shetland Sheepdog is not exactly a small dog, they can wear the bark collar for Shetland Sheepdog as the requirements of this bark collar suit the size of the Shetland Sheepdog.

First of all, this bark collar only have the static correction mode. It comes in 10 different levels of static correction, and they are being administered to your dog at the lowest level at all time. When your dog refuses to stop barking, it will increase the intensity. Of course, there is a safety measure that shut down the entire collar after 80 seconds from the 1st bark.

As such, if you want a hands free approach to train your Shetland Sheepdog, then this particular model will be the best bark collar for Shetland Sheepdog for you. In addition to that, this best bark collar for Shetland Sheepdog uses its own patented perfect bark detection technology that can differentiate your dog’s bark from others. This prevents the occurrence of your dog being corrected for no reason at all.

This best bark collar for Sheltie is Waterproof and submersible up to 5 feet. it is specifically designed for dogs with neck sizes up to 22″ and weighing up to 55 pounds. The weight of the collar is at 5 ounces.


Pros: Safety measure. Self adjusting control. Requires no manual setting. Waterproof. Can differentiate barks.
Cons: Collar is said to slip off when not tight.
Our Rating (4.8 / 5)

SportDOG No Bark Collar 10R Bark Control SBC-10R

Best Bark Collar For Sheltie

This SportDOG No Bark Collar 10R Bark Control SBC-10R represents one of the best bark collars for Shelties. Indeed, many owners use this as a training tool to ensure that their Sheltie is well behaved.

In terms of correction, the NoBark 10R bark collar offers two types of correction. The first mode is the tone-only mode. Usually, owners will use this as the 1st level of correction for the Sheltie. If it doesn’t work, then the owners will use the static correction mode. This best bark collar for Sheltie have 10 different levels of static correction. While this is good, the downside is that you will need to set the level by yourself.

There is a safety measure that is being incorporated into the design of this bark collar. If your dog barks 15 or more times in a space of 50 seconds, the entire bark collar will be shut of for three minutes. This will prevent your dog from being exposed to the static correction for too long a time.

As for differentiating the bark from ambient noises, there is a system in this bark collar that helps to determine if the bark is coming from your dog or not. This is done by using a two-step verification process. It will correlate the sound coming from the bark to the vibration of the vocal chords. If both are present, it will then release the correction to your dog.

This bark collar for Sheltie fits Neck sizes from 6 – 28 inches, and it weighs at 9 ounces. The training collar is also waterproof.


Pros: Safety measure. Waterproof. Can differentiate barks.
Cons: Requires manual setting.
Our Rating (4.8 / 5)

Aetertek At-918c

best bark collar for shetland sheepdog

If you are looking into a more hands on approach to training your Sheltie, then this Aetertek At-918c will be the top choice for you. Indeed, this is a top choice amongst various professional dog trainers too.

First of all, in terms of correction modes, this best bark collar for Sheltie have three different modes that you can use. It have the tone, vibration and of course the static correction mode. There is 9 different levels of static correction for your Sheltie.

Do note that there are two different modes that you can tap on. You can either use the remote control to administer the correction. It does have a working range of up to 600 yards. If not, you can always use the automatic system of the bark collar to do the work for you.

The collar fit dog of all neck sizes. Similarly, this bark collar can be used on dogs of all weights too, hence making it one of the best training collars for Shelties.


Pros: Waterproof. 3 correction signals. Can be automatic or manual.
Cons: Battery’s charge not very optimal.
Our Rating (4.9 / 5) Professional Dog Trainer’s Choice.

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