Are Bark Collars Safe For Small Dogs?

After we did the article on the best bark collars for small dogs, we have received quite a number of emails, asking us are bark collars safe for small dogs. The reader might be asking why specifically small dogs and not larger dogs? This is because for the same static correction, it will have diverse effect on a smaller surface area as compared to a larger surface area. For the purpose of this article, we will be investigating on the questions “Are Bark Collars Safe For Small Dogs”.

Are Bark Collars Safe For Small Dogs

Bark collars are essentially collars that helps to dissuade the dog from barking incessantly. There are various forms of barks collars, and most of them are listed here. We have also reviewed some of the best bark collars for Chihuahua.

Bark Collars Safe For Small DogsThere are some bark collars that can be used on dogs weighing from 2 pounds onwards. This is the reason why owners are asking are bark collars safe for small dogs.

Bark collars do deliver a wide range of static correction to your dogs, and most of the bark collars allows you to adjust the levels by yourself. There are however some models of Bark Collars For Small Dogs that releases progressive static correction onto your dog as your pet continues to bark.

As we have mentioned earlier, smaller dogs have a smaller surface area. This simply means that for some small dogs, even the lowest settings of static correction on the dog collar can cause extreme stress/irritating to the small dog.  In very extreme (and highly unlikely cases), it might cause death too. If your dog ever comes to this stage, it simply means that you as the owner have been negligence in noting that your dog has heart problems.

Hence, you really shouldn’t be asking “Are Bark Collars Safe For Small Dogs”, but “Is my dog suitable to use bark collars”.

In addition, like all tech equipments, dog collar can fail. It is really up to the owner to be vigilant enough. Bark collars can be a very good tool to control your dog’s barking, but it is good only if you know how to monitor and maintain it. For example, no bark collars should be worn for more than 8 hours a day. Always remember to remove the collars during the night. Also, try not to use the bark collars when there is no one at home.

If you have problems trying to get your dog to stop barking you can read this article.

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