When we walk our dogs, owners usually put the dog on a leash. Now the question is whether to use a simple collar on the dog or a harness on it. The main difference between a collar and a harness is that harness provides control over the dog to the owner. Also, the harness is safer as compared to collars. Imagine the amount of pressure there is on the neck of the dog if she is wearing a collar and pulling you along at the same time! This is why we would like to review some of the best harness for pullers in this article.

Best Harness For Pullers

There are different variations of harnesses in the market for dogs, and each of them plays a specific role. It will be good to know and understand the functions of the various types of harness before you decide on the best harness for pullers.

Various Types of Harness

Back-Clip Harness

best harness for pullers

Back-Clip Harness can be easily identified via the ring connecting the harness to the leash. If the ring is located at the top, then it is a Back-Clip Harness.

The Back-Clip Harness is by far the most popular harness amongst owners who bring their dogs for frequent walks. This harness is usually for dogs who are trained not to pull as the harness doesn’t discourage pulling. This harness doesn’t tangle the leash as much as the other harness does.

Below are 2 of the more popular Front-Clip Harness available.

No-Pull Dog Leash Harness, ARIKON Adjustable and Heavy Duty Denim Dog Training Walking Leash Collar for Large Dog

best harness for pullers

This Range of Back-Clip Harness is the top seller in Amazon. It comes in different sizes, from small to large. If your dog isn’t too aggressive, then this might be the best dog harness for pullers.

The harness, which is made of strong, water-resistant denim cloth,  is adjustable using the plastic rings. The entire setup was designed to ensure maximum toughness while not compromising on its ability to control your pet effectively.

To prevent allergic reactions, please do wash the harness before using it for the first time.

This harness have rave reviews online. Many pet owners reviewed that their pets were completely restrained while using this harness as compared to other inferior products. Also, the unique color combination makes it a standout against other harness too.


Pros: Maximum control over your dog.
Cons: Not meant for aggressive dogs.
Our Rating: 4.8 Stars (4.8 / 5)

Ruffwear Front Range Harness, Large/X-Large, Pacific Blue

best harness for pullers

Another popular Back-Clip harness is the one made by Ruffwear. This Back-Clip Harness

This harness can be put onto your dog without much trouble. It is comfortable and the padded chest and belly panel distributes the load evenly. There are two leash attachment points; One of it is at the V-ring on the dog’s back, and the other is on the reinforced webbing on the dog’s chest.

This is the top choice for the best harness for pullers for professional dog trainers. It can function either like a Back-Clip Harness or a Front-Clip Harness. It is constructed from high quality materials, and it is ensured to provide comfort for the dog. You can use the back-clip for runs and front-clip for walks. If your dog is quite a puller, than you can use both for added security.


Pros: Comfortable padding for your dog. Good control over aggressive dogs.
Cons: Limited designs.
Our Rating: 4.9 Stars (4.9 / 5)

Front-Clip Harness or Step-In Harness

best harness for pullersFront-Clip Harness can be identified if the ring is at the center of the dog’s chest. This harness is good for dogs who constantly pull the owner when going for walks. It gives the owner a good control over the dog’s direction. The owner can also re-position the dog as and when necessary.

Although the Front-Clip Harness does prevent pulling from the dog, the leash that is attached to the ring can tangle under the dog’s legs.

One of the most popular dog harness that qualifies as the best harness for pullers is Walk In Sync Sport Harness & Leash.

best harness for pullers

This Front-Clip Harness by Walk In Sync is mainly catered for training dogs to stop pulling or to teach a puppy the basics of walking with the owner. It doesn’t entirely restrict the movement of the dog, but at the same time provide added security in controlling your dog too.

Designed by a professional holistic dog trainer, this Front-Clip Harness does not choke your dog, hence reducing the risk of injury or induced aggression in your dog.


Pros: Does not choke your dog. Good for training dog
Cons: Not large extremely strong pullers.
Our Rating: 4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)

Tightening Harness

best harness for pullers

Tightening Harness is a variation of the front-clip harness, just that the mechanism of the harness discourages the dog from pulling away from you. When the dog runs, the harness will tighten and add pressure to the dog. The additional pressure will be uncomfortable for the dog, causing it to stop pulling away from you. However, some of the harness can inflict excessive pain on the dog, which is extremely bad as it can induce aggression in an otherwise docile dog.

Tightening Harnesses are the most popular harness in the market as it really restricts the pulling effect from even the largest dog. Below are some of the most reviewed Tightening Harnesses found online.

PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness, Large, Red/Black

best harness for pullers

This range of Tightening Harness by PetSafe is very popular with many pet owners. The front clip allows the owner to steer the dog while reducing the chances of the dog pulling during walks.  The chest strap is designed to reduce the dog chances of choking.

This simple harness works by putting the stress on the shoulders instead of the usual stress points on the neck. When the dog tries to run away, the pressure ensure to discourage the dog. The two-point adjustment allows it to be fitted nicely on the dog.


Pros: Allows you to steer the dog around to your desired direction.
Cons: Simple design.
Our Rating: 4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5)

Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness Training Package

best harness for pullers

This Tightening Harness is patented by Wiggles Wags & Whiskers. It is actually made up of industrial strength nylon webbing, and that really means that the harness is nearly indestructible by the dog. Like all Tightening Harnesses, Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness discourages the dog from pulling forward. You could either hook the leash to the back or to the front, depending if you intend to train the dog, or the dog is properly trained already.



Pros: Chew resistant.
Cons: Meant for larger dogs.
Our Rating: 4.8 Stars (4.8 / 5)

Last but not least, if your dog is very strong, then your solution perhaps will be Newbury Paws Classic Harness, Premium Dog Harness for Large Breed Dogs.

best harness for pullers

This Harness is a perfect fit for large dogs that requires additional effort to control while walking them. The high-quality materials eradicates pulling and neck strain.

One interesting point is that the company seek the consultation of a canine physical therapist, so this Harness can be guaranteed to work extremely well.

We love this because it looks good on your large dog too.


Pros: High quality materials. Professional consultation was asked before designing this.
Cons: Limited designs.
Our Rating: 4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)

After reviewing the various harnesses, we recommend Ruffwear Front Range HarnessWalk In Sync Sport Harness & Leash. and Newbury Paws Classic Harness, Premium Dog Harness for Large Breed Dogs as the best harness for pullers in its respective categories.

As with all harness, we will need a quality leash to go with it. Look at the different types of leashes which are available in the market here.

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