In an earlier article, we wrote about the best harness for pullers. A dog harness will require dog leashes for it to function. Dog leashes are necessary whenever we decide to bring our dogs for a walk. Choosing the correct type of leash is essential because each dog has different temperament and different leashes can suit different purposes too. In for example, a normal leash will be sufficient for walks, but it might not be good if you want to bring your dog for, example, cycling trips with you. There are many different types of dog leashes available in the market now. 

Different Types Of Dog Leashes

Dog leashes are also used to restraint them in public. Imagine your dog chasing young children or other dogs. It will be a nightmare for everyone! Also, dogs can be inquisitive, and they might run onto the roads, which itself is dangerous for the dog and the oncoming car.

Some owners might think that they do not need to leash their dog in public (which is an offence in most countries) as their dog has been trained properly. However, the focus here isn’t on the dog but to create a safety bubble around it, so that members of the public need not be unnecessarily alarmed by any innocent gesture made by your dog.

Do note that primarily, dog leashes are meant to keep your dog under your control in public, so think of it as a tool to keep your dog safe from when out with you.

We will be discussing the various types of leashes and its purposes in this article.

Materials Used For Dog Leashes


different types of dog leashes

Nylon dog leashes is the most commonly used type of leash for walking your dog. It is cheap and strong, and comes in a variety of choices. However, if your dog is a chewer, then nylon dog leash might not be the best choice for you. Also, it can cause burns on your hand if the dog suddenly decides to take off after that random wild bird.



different types of dog leashes

Cotton is a very soft material that is often used for clothes too. Similar to nylon leash, there is a risk of you suffering rope burn when your dog takes off. They are known to function well in water too.



different types of dog leashes

Reflective leash is similar to Nylon leashes too. The only difference is that it has a reflective coating on it, hence being able to stand out in low light conditions. Dog leash of this material is perfect when you want to bring the dog out at night in areas where the lighting conditions might not be too optimal.

Leather leash

different types of dog leashesLeather leashes are strong and durable, but it is more expensive than the usual nylon leash. It doesn’t cause rope burns, and the handle of the leather leash will mould into the shape of the handler over time. This is because as the leather age with constant use, the material will soften down.


Chain Leash

different types of dog leashes

This is by far the least popular leash out there. It is very durable as it doesn’t wear over time, and dogs cannot chew it. It is cheap, yet heavy, so it cannot be used on small dogs. The handle of the chain leash is usually made of leather for easy handling


Different Types of Dog Leashes

Listed below are the different types of dog leashes that are more commonly used by pet owners.

Standard Dog Leash

different types of dog leashes

These dog leashes are most probably the 1st leash that most owners will get for their
dog before they realize of alternatives. Usually made from nylon or leather, standard dog leashes are strong enough to withstand the pull from most large breeds. Their usual length is from 4 to 10 feet long, which is optimal for the routine walking of dogs,

Retractable Dog Leash

different types of dog leashesThis dog leash allows you to control the length of the leash, allowing the dog a certain degree of freedom. Made from nylon, it has a locking mechanism that allows you to vary the length of the cord, usually ranging from 4 feet up to 40 feet long. When you release the locking mechanism, it automatically recoils the slacked cord, which can cause rope burns.

Sometimes, it can get tangled with the pet’s legs too. This is a good for walking the dog, but perhaps not too optimal for strong dogs.

Chain Leash

different types of dog leashesVery similar to standard leashes, this is specifically for dogs that tend to chew on the leash a lot. It comes with varying thickness and weight, and hence it will be suitable for a wide range of breeds. However, this is usually bought for dogs that are problematic, so you might need to keep an eye on your dog.

Seat Belt Safety Leash

different types of dog leashesIf you are travelling with your dog, it will be good to use a Seat Belt Safety Leash. It helps to secure your dog to the car, restricting any unnecessary movement that can cause discomfort to the dog. Dogs can have motion sickness too! Some of the Seat Belt


Adjustable Dog Leash

different types of dog leashesLike what its name suggest, the length of the adjustable dog leash can be adjusted according to your liking. Think of it as a crossbreed (pardon the pun) between the Standard Dog Leash and the Retractable Dog Leash. This is to provide the functions of the Standard Dog Leash while at the same time allowing you to transform the length of the leash to suit different purposes.

Multiple Dog Leash

different types of dog leashesIf you have more than one dog, then Multiple Dog Leash will be handy for you. It usually consists of a handle with a coupler that allows you to fix additional leashes onto it. Also, some multiple dog leashes can be used on tightening harness for pullers.

Multiple Dog Leash is in fact very popular with most dog owners, even with one dog. It allows you the flexibility of owning another dog, or even to use on specific harnesses.

Length of Leash

The length of the leash really depends on the owner. The owner might like to give the dog some slack, and hence choosing a longer leash for the dog. Some owners prefer tighter control, hence shorter lengths. For aggressive dog, it is recommended to get a shorter leash for them.

In most cases, the ideal length for leashes should be about 8 feet.

Width Of Leash

The width of the leash is a concern for dogs who are big chewers or pullers, as a thicker leash enables more power and control to the owner. A thinner leash can be easily snapped by a strong puller!

It is recommended that for small dogs, the width should be 1/2 inch or less. For medium dogs, a range of 1/2 to 1 inch will be appropriate. For large dogs, it has to be at least 1 inch!

Clip style

Last but not least, the type of clip plays a significant role too. The metal clip is like our first line of defence. If the metal clip fails, then the whole leash would have failed even before we start to factor in the rest of the components of the leash. Choosing the correct type of metal clip is hence an important factor that many owners overlook.

different types of dog leashesThere are several types of clips available, but we only recommend the trigger snap clip as it offers the best security. It is spring loaded, and you do not have to fear that it will slip off when a strong puller takes off. This is because the whole mechanism opens inward, and hence even if the strong puller takes off, the leash will cover the entrance, hence not allowing any slippage at all.  We strongly recommend using only this clip for your leash.


Now that you know the different types of dog leashes available, we will review some of the best dog leashes in its respective categories in the next article.

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