Dog Nail Clippers VS Dog Nail Grinders

Ever since we did a series of reviews on the Best Nail Grinders for Boxer, Great Danes and Chihuahuas, we have noticed an increase in request to do a comparison between the Dog Clippers Vs the Nail Grinders. This is because we have also done a review on the Dog Nail Clippers With Sensors. Both the Nail Clippers and the Nail Grinders have their pros and cons. In this article, we will be doing an investigation between both.

Dog Nail Clippers VS Dog Nail Grinders

I think it will be good if we can include a subsection that can briefly describe the functions and features of the Nail Clippers and the Nail Grinders.

Dog Nail Clippers

Dog Nail Clippers

Dog Nail Clippers are essentially a scissors like tool that enables us to cut our dog’s nails. There are two kinds of cutting action. One of them is the scissors-like action. Usually, this is used for dogs with tough nails. The scissors-like cutting action allows more power to the cutting action. The other cutting action is the guillotine style. This is usually more suitable for smaller dogs, as it allows precision in the cutting of the nails.

The main concern regarding the Dog Nail Clippers is that sometimes, it is easy to cut into the dog’s Quick. This will cause extreme discomfort to the dog. It is not easy to detect the dog’s Quick, and this applies to professional dog groomers too. We have read many incidents of professional dog groomers who have cut into their client’s dog’s Quick. If professional dog groomers can make this mistake, what about the layman who tries to trim their dog’s nails?

However, having said this, there exists certain tools that helps us to detect the dog’s Quick. The tools are the Dog Nail Clippers With Sensors. Theses sensors are able to detect the location of the dog’s Quick. This eliminates the risk of cutting into your dog’s Quick. It causes close to zero discomfort for your dog. The whole cutting action is also very quick, hence it will be good if you want a fast and efficient way of trimming the dog’s nails.

The cons is that some dogs will be terrified of the cutting action.This comes from experience. My dog is terrified of my Nail Clipper. Whenever I take it out, she will run about the house, refusing to let her nails be cut by me. Even when I take her to the professional dog groomer, it takes 2 of them to cut just 1 nail. And she is struggling. What happens if she struggles just when the professional dog groomer is about to cut the nail? These are the questions that came to my head, and these are the same questions that you would have, given in the same situation.

Dog Nail Grinders

Dog Nail GrindersDog Nail Grinders is a favorite tool for many owners and professional dog groomers alike. What it does is that it grinds the dog’s nails, instead of cutting it. This is achieved by using rotating grinding bit that is made of Diamond. Diamond is the hardest naturally occurring substance in the world. Most Dog Nail Grinders are able to grind the dog’s nails effectively. In addition to that, it is portable most of the time too. This allows you to trim your dog’s nails no matter where you are. This is one of the top features. I mean, you will be able to trim their nails when you are travelling with your dog.

In addition to that, some dogs might be so timid, that they refuse to groomed using Nail Clippers. In light of this, the Nail Grinders will be awesome here as most of the motors are quite enough to trim the dog’s nails without problems. Even when they are quiet, they are able to generate enough power to trim the nails. This is optimal for dogs, that some of them simply fall to their side while we grind their nails!

It is also extremely safe to use. Some of the motors have an auto-stop feature that cuts off the power supply if they detect that there is a foreign object in the rotating bit. In addition to that, the dog’s Quick will never be cut as there are individual bits for dogs of various sizes.

The downside is that the grinding process can take some time, hence it might not be optimal for owners who are not patient enough!

A Comparison Between Dog Nail Clippers And Dog Nail Grinders

For dogs who are fearful of their nails being cut, the Dog Nail Grinders will be better. This is because the cutting action is associated as being dangerous and painful by the dog. When you are cutting the nail, the clippers actually add pressure to the nails before it is being cut. This process can sometimes be traumatizing for the dog.

For safety reasons, the Grinders will be good too. However, if you managed to purchase the Dog Nail Clippers With Sensors, it will be equally safe as the latter have the sensors that detects the dog’s Quick. This is important as you wouldn’t want any of the devices to cut into your dog’s Quick as it will be extremely painful and uncomfortable for the dog.

If you are being pressed for time, and your dog is alright with the cutting motion, then you can opt for the Nail Clippers. The process for the Dog Nail Clippers is much shorter than the Dog Nail Grinders!

The Verdict?

Each of this in fact has its own merits. It is really up to the individual if he chooses either of them for their own dogs.

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