Dogtek Sonic Birdhouse

Dogtek Sonic Birdhouse Review

It is very natural for dogs to bark. All dogs do bark, and it is a matter of how loud or how frequent their barking is. Sometimes, they can bark away at night when the owners are sleeping, hence disturbing their neighbors. We believe some of you stumbled onto this page to find out how to use certain products like Dogtek Sonic Birdhouse to reduce or prevent the dog from barking excessively. Or, some of you may be finding ways to reduce your neighbor’s dog from barking too. We have a solution for you, and that is the Dogtek Sonic Birdhouse. Hence, in this article, we will be doing a review on Dogtek Sonic Birdhouse.

Before we go into the Dogtek Sonic Birdhouse review, you might want to read the top 10 tips to stop the dog from barking, as well as the best bark collar for Chihuahuas. These 2 articles might give you some background information pertaining to dog’s bark and items that could help you. But if you want to do a prevent unwanted barks from random dogs, then the Dogtek Sonic Birdhouse might the solution.

Dogtek Sonic Birdhouse Review

Imagine this scenario: You live in a peaceful area, and suddenly new neighbors shift in next door. Just when you thought the peace could continue, you realize that they bought in a pack of barking dogs. You cannot sleep at night, and neither could you rest in the morning. You began to tear your hair out, and decides to confront your neighbor about their noisy dogs. This might work if your neighbor is apologetic, but in the event that they are nonchalant about it, you continue to be at your wits end.

I am sure the above scenario resonates with many people, and that is why we decided to do a review on one of the best ultrasonic anti-bark devices: Dogtek Sonic Birdhouse.

DOGTEK Sonic Bird house Bark Control Outdoor/Indoor

Dogtek Sonic Birdhouse

This Dogtek Sonic Birdhouse is the number 1 seller on Amazon for ultrasonic bark deterrents. It helps to prevent or even reduce the occurrence of dogs barking within a 50 feet radius vicinity. This is perfect if your neighbor’s dogs are keeping you awake throughout the night!

This is how it works: Whenever a dog barks within 50 feet from the Dogtek Sonic Birdhouse, the 3 built in bark sensors will detect it, and the ultrasonic loudspeaker will emit a high pitch sound that is inaudible to humans, but audible towards dogs. The dogs will hear the loud pitch sound, and will eventually stop barking. It is this simple! The loud pitch sound will stop once the dog stops barking, and over time, the dog will associate the high-pitch sound with barking, and they will stop barking altogether. Watch the video below for a detailed explanation from the product makers.

Some dog owners might be comfortable with dogs’ soft barking, and that is why this Dogtek Sonic Birdhouse has 3 different sensitivity settings , and also 1 test mode to choose from. This Dogtek Sonic Birdhouse helps to stop your dog from barking. When placed at strategic locations, it will also stop your neighbor’s dog from barking unnecessarily, giving you peaceful nights once again.

This Dogtek Sonic Birdhouse works well in both outdoor and indoor  situation. You can bring this battery powered system when you to camping with your dog too. Do note that the Dogtek Sonic Birdhouse does use up quite a bit of battery juice should it be triggered many times. Always have spare batteries on standby!

So, if you are looking for a good bark deterrent system, simply purchase DOGTEK Sonic Bird house Bark Control Outdoor/Indoor and you will have peaceful nights once again!


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