How To Protect Dog Against Mosquitoes

How To Protect Dog Against Mosquitoes

It is Spring now, and we are heading to Summer in just a couple of weeks. Are you adequately prepared to enjoy in the Sun? You should really find out ways on How To Keep Your Dog Cool Outside In The Summer. This will be important if you wish to keep your dog cool during the hotter times of the year. However, the heat is not the only problem that dogs will face during Summer. Indeed, during Summer, there is an increased risk of your dog being exposed to mosquitoes. Are you adequately protecting your dogs against the mosquitoes? Or, do you know how to protect dog against mosquitoes? Let’s find out.

How To Protect Dog Against Mosquitoes

How To Protect Dog Against MosquitoesMosquitoes do affect dogs the same way that it affect humans. These pesky little creatures inject a little of their substance into our body, causing various problems to us. It can cause skin irritation, on the mild side, to transmitting all sorts of viral diseases. While the dog’s immune system is different from the human’s, they are still susceptible to some variations of diseases. There are some mosquito-borne diseases that you might want to look out for, especially if you do love your family as well as your pets. Some of these includes the deadly zika virus that caused so much problems over the past few years.

In the following section, you will find information regarding the different measure or ways that you can employ to help protect the dog against mosquitoes.

Proofing The Property Against Mosquitoes

This will indeed be the first step that you should take when you want to protect anyone, including your dog, from getting mosquito bites. Most of the time, it is due to human negligence that the mosquitoes could breed easily. It is always good to start proofing the property against mosquitoes while the weather is still cool. This have a two pronged approach. The 1st reason is that we should act while the mosquitoes have yet to multiply in numbers. The 2nd reason is that it is always much easier to work when the weather is cooler!

Remove, Cover, Or Overturn Unused Objects This shall be the first thing that you should do. Look around in your house hold, and remove any object that is a potential breeding ground for mosquitoes. How to identify the breeding grounds? Usually, any object that could hold still water will be a potential breeding point. This will include flower pots, old tires or even discarded shoes. In addition to that, do ensure that you clean your house gutters too. Many a times, mosquitoes are bred in the gutters that are frequently clogged. Usually, fallen leaves or foreign materials present in the gutter will clog up the entire drainage system. This will create stagnant water in the gutter, which in turns will be a good breeding ground for mosquitoes!

Check For Holes In The Ground As Well As Hollow Logs This is again one of the best places that mosquitoes love to breed in. After a downpour, or even when the snow starts to melt, water might seep into the above mentioned areas. Since these areas are good places for storing of stagnant water, it will be good for you to remove them. In addition, the hollow logs is well known to be a good habitat for mosquitoes to hibernate.

Check For Damages In The Home — Check for damages to the structural integrity for your house as well as the damages to the facade. Some of them might be potential breeding grounds for the mosquitoes. In addition to that, having a good structural integrity and a flawless window screen can hep you to repel or keep the mosquitoes away. One good mesh window can be the Eco-Friendly Velcro Window Screen for Mosquito Insect & Bugs.

Do Not Use Human Insect Repellent On Your Dog

This is a big mistake. You should never ever use human insect repellent on your dog. This is due to the main ingredient in most human insect repellent. You can find DEET inside the most popular human insect repellent. This material is known to be dangerous for dogs. You should use dog mosquito repellent that is sepcially designed for them. Our top recommendation will be the Insect Repellent for Dogs – Pure Natural, No Deet – Fleas, Ticks Gone. This particular insect repellent is extremely suitable for dogs. It is able to keep the dog safe from mosquitoes, and it is completely environment friendly too.

Homemade Mosquito Repellent For Dogs

Of course, to the owner who really believes in homemade items, you can always make your own homemade mosquito repellent for dogs. There are various recipes that we found, and the following one is our top favorite.

Ingredients needed

  1. Fill spray bottle with distilled water.
  2. Add Thayers Alcohol-Free Witch Hazel Toner to about 95% of the bottle.
  3. Add in essential oils and shake well.
  4. Done!

To use it, you simply have to spray it on your dog’s body. Do take extra care not to spray at the eyes.

Mosquito Magnet Trap

If you truly care for your dog as well as for your family, then we will recommend you to purchase the mosquito magnet trap. The mosquito magnet trap is usually a silent device that helps to attract and catch mosquitoes. The trap is a very effective tool in stopping the breeding cycle that the mosquitoes have. You can find some of the better mosquito magnet trap on Amazon.

When Does The Mosquito Season Start?

There is a wide range of mosquito species out there, and their breeding period do varies quite a bit. Typically, the mosquitoes do hibernate when it is cold, and hence this is the reason why there are lesser mosquitoes during Winter itself. When the weather gets warmer, the mosquitoes will emerge from their hibernation and will start to lay their eggs and start to breed or hatch. Hence you can see that the temperature is actually the most crucial factor regarding the breeding cycle of the mosquito. And since the weather starts to turn warmer when it is just about to enter Summer, it is safe to say that the mosquito season starts just before the onset of Summer.

When Does The Mosquito Season End?

As mentioned earlier, mosquito thrive during summer, or when the temperature is hotter. You will realize that the end of the mosquito season will also be the end of Summer. After Summer, the weather will start to cool down in preparation for Autumn and hence Winter. The mosquitoes, during this transition, will either die off or seek refuge to prepare for hibernation. While it is true that mosquitoes are still present during Autumn, you can expect the activity to drop tremendously once Winter comes.

Why Is The Mosquito Season So Important

This is important, as it will allow you to have ample preparation before the season arrives. If you follow the steps that have been described to you above, you and your furry pets will not experience any problems with the pesky little creatures at all. Indeed, with a whooping 170 odd known mosquito species in the United States, having a good knowledge on how to protect dog against mosquitoes is good too. There are some particular mosquito-borne diseases that are especially harmful to humans and animals alike. In for example, you have the chikungunya or even the zika virus that wreck havoc across so many countries in the world.

As such, it will always be good to learn more on how to protect dog against mosquitoes!

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