Why Is It Important To Clean Up Poodle Eye Boogers

Why Is It Important To Clean Up Poodle Eye Boogers

I have the habit of inspecting my dogs early in the morning when I wake up. I guess it’s just a habitual thing that I will do. The health of my dogs have always been my top concern, and hence the daily inspection comes into place. I make it a point to clear the Poodle’s  eye boogers wheneverI clean up the dog in the morning. Hence, my dogs are relatively cleaner than most dogs. How do I know this? Well, a few of my friend’s dogs were not so lucky. The eye boogers turn out to be affecting the dog, and hence causing much discomfort to the dog itself. This prompted me to clarify why is it important to clean up Poodle eye boogers.

Why Is It Important To Clean Up Poodle Eye Boogers

Why Is It Important To Clean Up Poodle Eye BoogersOk, so why Poodle in particular? Actually, it can be of any dog, but it seems that Poodles do have a higher occurrence for having eye boogers. The fact that there are many concerns regarding tear in Poodle eye is enough to warrant an article about this. So, why is it important to clean up the Poodle Eye Boogers? Maybe we should look into the cause of the eye boogers, or what exactly are they!

What Are Eye Boogers

Essentially, the eye booger is a discharge that can be commonly found at the corner of the dog’s eye. These eye boogers can be considered normal, but it can also be a sign that there is an infection or allergic reaction. Some of the Poodle eye boogers come about due to the dusty nature of the environment that they live in. While all of these are considered normal, you might need to be wary when the eye booger develops into a yellowish discharge. This is when things get a little serious.

As mentioned earlier, some of the eye boogers are caused by dirt that accumulates near the eye. To remove the dirt, the eye will produce a tear, or perhaps some discharge. This is a perfect response. It is known that some dog breeds do produce more tear than others, and hence the occurrence of eye boogers can be higher.

Allergic Reaction

One of the top reasons why Poodle eye boogers occur more often can be due to their allergic reaction towards certain substances. For example, dust can trigger an allergic reaction in your Poodle. Or when the dog runs around in the park, the pollen can also trigger the allergic reaction in your Poodle, hence causing the eye boogers to form.

Sore Eye (Or Also Known As Conjunctivitis)

When your dog has red eyes, it can be a sign that they are suffering from conjunctivitis. One way to tell is that if your Poodle has clear boogers. This means that your dog has a bacterial infection around the eye, and that is why the eye boogers form up.


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