Grooming Tips For Your Goldendoodle

In our article Do Goldendoodle Shed, it is clear that Goldendoodles does shed. Indeed, I have been informed that there are different variations of the amount of hair that the Goldendoodle shed. While one good way to minimize the effects of shedding is to use the Best Clippers For Goldendoodles, there are certainly some key steps that you can take to groom your Goldendoodle. Here are some of the grooming tips that you might want to take note for your Goldendoodle.

Grooming Tips For Your Goldendoodle

When grooming the Goldendoodle, the type of equipment that you should use is very specific. It should be able to trim your Goldendoodle effectively around the body as well as around the sensitive areas. This is of course not limited to the brush that you can use for your Goldendoodle. Before we go into the equipment, let us look at the grooming tips that you will surely require.


To effectively brush through the coat of your Goldendoodle, you will need a good piece of grooming brush for them. Brush thoroughly down the coat of your dog. This is done to ensure the complete elimination of tangles. We always brush the coat first as it is often the toughest area to comb. After this, you should proceed to the various parts of the body. This includes combing through the sensitive areas of the dog’s body.

If you find it tough to brush your Goldendoodle’s coat, you can try adding a little bit of conditioner onto the coat. This will help to remove the mats and ensuring the removable of tangles.

Cleaning The Goldendoodle’s Teeth

This is often overlooked by many dog owners. We recommend you to brush your Goldendoodle’s teeth every day (if possible). Read our guide Tips and Tricks for Dog Teeth Care for more relevant information.

Bathing The Goldendoodle

Before you shampoo your Goldendoodle, do ensure that the shampoo is suitable for them. Ensure that your Goldendoodle does not suffer from any allergic reaction to the shampoo. Having said that, most dog shampoos are free of the common allergens, so this shouldn’t be too much of a concern for you.

While applying shampoo on the dog’s coat is easy, it gets tougher when you are nearer the eyes or ears of the dog. Hence, when you wish to shampoo these areas, do ensures that none of the shampoo, nor water, reaches the sensitive areas. Usually, I will use a washcloth for the said areas.

We have to remind our readers that you should clean off the shampoo from your dog. Shampoo that is left under the coat will cause multiple skin reactions, and hence causing discomfort to your dog. If you are finding it tough to remove the shampoo remnants, you can use a vinegar rinse as the last rinse on your Goldendoodle. This will help to remove the remnants as well as protecting your dog’s coat too.

Always use a hairdryer to help you dry your Goldendoodle after a shower.

What Brush Is Good For The Goldendoodle

There are several brushes in Amazon that is awesome for the Goldendoodle, and the Berso Dematting Comb is the top choice for us. It is the best choice if you are looking for a professional grade dematting comb for your Goldendoodle, but you do not want to splurge.

best brush for goldendoodle

The dematting comb has 2 sides, and it is actually awesome for both cats and dogs. It can help to effectively and significantly reduce your dog’s shedding with this tool. It helps to improve your dog’s blood circulation, which is essential for a good healthy coat. The comb helps to remove mats as well as untangling the knots too.

One side of the blade consists of twelve blades, which is good for dematting tough knots. The other side consists of twenty-three blades, which is for deshedding and thinning of the Goldendoodle’s coat. This 2-in-1 comb has all the features that you will ever need from a comb.

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