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Thundershirt For Dogs Review

If you are not in the know, dogs can have anxiety issues too. The anxiety attacks can come from various triggers. For instance, the dog might howl and bark nonstop when the owner leaves the house, and they might start to run around and destroy random things in the house. Anxiety issues in dogs can usually be minimized by training. Or, the dog can done a simple clothing that helps to calm them down. Yes, you read it right! Wearing a specialized shirt can help calm these dogs down, and the shirts are called Thundershirt For Dogs. Not many people, including vets, know about this wonder product. Hence, we will be doing a Thundershirt For Great Danes Review in this article. The reason why we choose Great Danes is because they are timid for their size.

Thundershirt For Great Danes

Do your Great Dane that has anxiety issues? Do you have a Great Dane that would bark at the door whenever someone knocks, or she will howl and whine whenever you leave the house without her? If your dog has separation anxiety, it can really get on your nerves. There are so many things that you cannot do with a barking dog, like for example you could hardly invite your friends over without the dog making a big din. Or when the delivery man comes along, you would have to put her in a room while you address the delivery man.

Things can get worst when you are travelling with your dog. Your overexcited dog might jump all around in the car, making it a very tough ride for both you and the passengers in the car. You can try to coax the dog, but sometimes it just doesn’t work. Sometimes, your dog might suffer from motion sickness, and she will vomit while in the ride with you!

Just when you think that there isn’t any hope, and that you should just accept the disaster that you find yourself in, in steps the Thundershirt For Great Danes.

Thundershirt For Great Danes: What Does It Do?

thundershirt for dogs

Thundershirt For Great Danes is a godsend for owners whose Great Danes are suffering from anxiety issues. These Great Danes tend to be overly excited about the slightest things, and generally they can be a nuisance to the owners. Thundershirt For Great Danes can reduce all these problems. While not guaranteeing to stop anxiety issues, you can see immediate improvements once your Great Danes dons the Thundershirt For Great Danes.

These tight fitting shirts help to create a sensation similar to what your baby feels when they wear snug-fitting shirts. This is done by targeting various pressure points in the dogs,  which really helps to keep the dog calm, providing a sense of security to the dog. Most well-informed vets will recommend using the Thundershirt For Dogs to help your Great Dane cope with anxiety issues, which of course includes motion sickness. There are other methods that can help you, but the methods usually includes drugs. Thundershirt For Great Danes is totally drug-free.

Thundershirt For Dogs: Proper Sizing

As per all shirts that you buy for yourself, you would need to select the proper size of the dog. This Thundershirt For Dogs is meant to hug your dog, so do not choose one that is too big for the dog. There are seven sizes available, ranging from S to XXL, depending on the dog’s weight too. To ensure that there is a proper fit for your dog, the Thundershirt For Dogs has Velcro Strips that helps to ensure that the garment fits snugly on your dog. The product also includes detailed instructions.

Thundershirt For Dogs
Wearing the Thundershirt

The video below clearly shows the wonders that the Thundershirt can do to calm the dog’s nerves.

We have talked to many vets and pet owners who own the Thundershirt For Dogs, and they all swear by it. The only grip is that they would need to purchase new Thundershirt for their dogs because the dog has grown. Otherwise, it works perfectly, and it should be a good fit for all dogs to use!


FAQ: Thundershirt For Dogs

We do understand that many owners might have many questions pertaining to the Thundershirt For Dogs effectiveness. We have created an FAQ, and hopefully it answers all of your queries!

Does It Really Work?

The concept for the Thundershirt For Dogs is actually not a novel concept. This concept of applying pressure to calm anxiety has been in existence for thousands of years. Mothers have been doing the same thing to their crying babies, and it is proven to be very effective at calming them down. It works the same way for dogs too. In fact, Thundershirt has helped over 80% of dogs who have used the product.

My Vet Didn’t Recommend The Thundershirt

This is not surprising entirely. Like most of you, some vets wouldn’t have heard of the Thundershirt because of this relatively new product. In fact, Thundershirt For Dogs was ranked as the best remedy for calming anxiety issues in dogs!

Do I Need To Train My Dog To Use This Product?

Absolutely not! The concept and design of the Thundershirt For Dogs is so simple, that you simply have to wear the Thundershirt over the dog, and let it work the wonders for you.

How Long Can My Dog Wear The Thundershirt For?

The Thundershirt for dogs is specially designed to calm dogs, and you can leave it on your dog for a long period of time. Of course, it is recommended to leave it on your dog till they are not suffering from anxiety issues. In fact, if you have properly fitted your dog with the Thundershirt For Dogs, your dog will feel extremely comfortable in them.

What Is The Appropriate Size For My Dog?

Thundershirt for dogsThundershirt For Dogs comes in seven different Sizes, ranging from XXS to XXL. Look at the chart below to have a sensing of the appropriate size for your dog.

Do not simply choose the Thundershirt based on your dog’s weight. You might want to factor in various parameters, like different proportions for your dog. If need be, you might need to go up or down a size for your dog.

Will It Be Too Warm For My Dog?

Truthfully, yes, it might. However, the dogs have an automatic way of cooling themselves down. So unless you are living in an area with a constant temperature of more than 90 degrees Fahrenheit, the Thundershirt for dogs wouldn’t cause too much of a trouble to your dog.

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