Why Hiking With Your Dog Can Be A Therapeutic Experience

Why Hiking With Your Dog Can Be A Therapeutic Experience

For the avid hikers out there, there are certain reasons at which pushes you to hike, right? The reasons can range from having the adrenaline rush to having a challenge as you hike along unknown paths. It really does take a strong mental power to be able to push yourself and hike often. My reason for hiking is that I am able to experience and view the world from a different perspective once I reach the peak. Of course, another reason why I like to hike is that I have the best companion ever, which is my dog! Let me tell you why hiking with your dog can be a therapeutic experience.

Why Hiking With Your Dog Can Be A Therapeutic Experience

Of course, hiking is always an enjoyable experience. From having a nice time away from the world to having a good and fun time exercising, we have always been deriving much fun from hiking. When it comes to hiking with your dog, these are the reasons why it can be a therapeutic experience.

Away From Concrete Jungle

All of us, or at least most of us, have to work in the concrete jungle for most of our lives. From time to time, we will need the avenue to relax and change our perspective, and hence hiking on the trail helps a lot in that. Take some time off, escape into nature and let it refresh your soul. Bring your dog along for an added good time too.

Perfect Bonding Time

Why Hiking With Your Dog Can Be A Therapeutic ExperienceWhen you hike with your dog, you are actually creating a good opportune time for you to bond with your dog. Bonding is necessary so as to let your dog develop trust that you will be able to take care of them as well as allowing them to build the bond necessary to defend you when it is really needed.

Of course, bonding can be achieved not only by the act of hiking.  The actual bonding comes about when you have to actively ensure that your dog remains on the correct hike trail as well as giving them the necessary commands needed to ensure their safety. Over time and repetitive training, your dog will be able to walk without a leash and harness, though we think it is good that you keep the dog leashed in case of contingencies.

Instagram Worthy Moments

Why Hiking With Your Dog Can Be A Therapeutic ExperienceFor those Instagram addicts, when you bring your dog along on the trail, it actually provides you and your dog with the perfect Instagram-worthy shots. There are plenty of nice and safe trails that you and your dog can hike to, and most of them those have a nice view at the end of the trail. Take a picturesque shot of the area with your dog, and be prepared for tons of likes and shares on your Instagram or other social media platforms.

If you do a quick search on Instagram as well as on Twitter, you will find many photos of dogs hiking along with their owners. Be part of the search results!


Safest Remote Dog Trainer With Vibration And SoundThis is actually a good form of exercise with your dog. When you exercise, it does release endorphins in your body, which helps to increase your positivity as well as increasing or enhancing your dog’s quality of life. All of these helps to build up to a very therapeutic experience for both you and your dog.

Of course, when it comes to exercising your dogs, there are various benefits that it can bring to your pet too. You can read our article on why is exercising important for your dog to find out the exact benefits.

What To Take Note Of When You Hike With Your Dog

While it might be a therapeutic experience for you and your dog, there might be extra items that you might need to be wary of. If you are not careful, the therapeutic experience of hiking with your dog might be possible to fulfill.

Dog-Friendly Trail

Why Hiking With Your Dog Can Be A Therapeutic ExperienceThis is actually an important point when you wish to find a trail for you and your dog to hike. When we say a dog-friendly trail, you have to ensure that the trail itself must be devoid of sharp rocks or loose soil. Areas that are frequented by heavy-duty vehicles should be avoided at all cost.

The rationale is pretty simple. The dog’s paws are not suited to hike on a trail that has sharp rocks. While the dog can don the dog boots, not all of them will be able to protect the dog’s paws when it matters the most. Also, areas that are frequented by heavy-duty vehicles tend to be dangerous for dogs due to the frequent activity. When it comes to having a safe place to hike with your dog, areas with loose soil means that your dog might not have a good grip, and hence accidents might occur.

As a plus point, dog-friendly trails can sometimes be frequented by fellow nature lovers, so you will surely meet more people along the way! Works better than Tinder.

Keep Harness And Leash On At All Times

This is one of the most common thing that most people neglect. They assume that since their dog has been listening and obeying them while they are at home, then there shouldn’t be any problem trying to control them when it comes to hiking, right? While this might be true, it does not apply to all dogs.

When dogs are new to the whole new world of hiking along trails, they might be very inquisitive and curious. This will lead to them chasing the various wildlife that they can see, or they might wander off too far ahead. By having a harness and leash, you are able to keep them in check.

Of course, another purpose of the harness and leash is to provide the dog with a higher level of safety. When your dog starts to wander, they might miss a step or they might fall into a ravine or ditch. Without an anchor, the dog will fall and this will lead to serious injuries or even death. Since hiking with your dog should be a therapeutic experience, you would want to ensure that your dog is free from injuries so that they can enjoy the nature together with you.

Hence, we strongly recommend you to keep the leash on your dog at all times.

Pack Adequate Necessities

When it comes to enjoying a good and therapeutic hike with your dog, we will recommend you to pack adequate necessities onto your backpack or even your dog’s backpack. The things to put into the backpack should include their water and food rations. Of course, do bring along your dog’s medication if they are under some form of medication.

When it comes to hiking, I will usually pack a compact first aid kit for myself. As for the dog, you can pack a small first aid kit that the dog can use too. All these are considered essentials that you should always pack into the dog’s backpack for hiking purposes.

When you wish to choose the perfect backpack for your small dog or even for your large dog, do note that the limit of the backpack should be at about one-third of the dog’s body weight.

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